The plague is upon us

Well, I suppose I shouldn’t complain. We made it to February before everyone started getting sick, and despite my faux-cheery (if slightly cough-filled) and repetitive “This is the cold that never ends, it just goes on and on my friends…” singing, I suspect eventually we will recover.

In the meantime, here I sit, atop a mountain of Kleenex, shopping for echinacea. True story! And so I happen to know that today Vitamin Shoppe has a great coupon—code HEARTDAY will take 25% off your $100+ order, plus you’ll get free shipping. And while it’s true that I am not planning to buy $100 worth of echinacea, they do carry all kinds of protein bars and such I tend to pick up for my supposedly-adult children, so I’m in.

They also have an additional 10% off when you sign up for Auto Delivery, which is like our beloved Subscribe & Save savings. Remember you can sign up for that and cancel later if you don’t want it to actually keep shipping.

There’s tons of sales/deals/BOGOs in addition to the coupon, and I don’t know what you need, but probably you do. Hopefully I didn’t already sneeze on whatever you’re planning to buy.

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    SuzanneH February 14, 2019 at 10:52 am #

    My sympathies to you and yours! My husband had “the cold to end all colds” 2 weeks ago and I had it last week. Fingers crossed – our kiddo hasn’t gotten it yet. It’s awful and lasts for days and days and days… Hang in there!