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By Mir
June 21, 2019

Dangit, I knew something was up with that last sale (but oh man, did giant boxes arrive here for days? yep!), but it’s finally official: ThinkGeek is shutting its doors. Now, the good news is that you’ll still be able to find some of their stuff at GameStop, but still. That only covers various gaming and TV/movie fandom stuff, I bet. I’m sad about this. But also coupon code MOVINGDAY takes 50% off of everything (even stuff already on sale), so that’s helping a little. Items are selling out fast, but who knows—you might find something you need. (Shipping is free on $50+ after coupon.)

But if you just need some cool t-shirts and accessories, maybe head on over to Threadless, instead. Today they’ve got all their t-shirts marked down to $11.99, plus they’re offering up to half off everything else. And on top of that, you can sign up for a 25% off coupon if you’re new, or you might get a pop-up to spin the wheel of savings to get a coupon code or free shipping! (Percent off coupons can’t be used to stack savings, unfortunately.)

Anyway, I just needed to share that with my fellow nerds. (It’s not too early to start Christmas shopping, right? Asking for a friend. Who is me.)


  1. Hey Mir, thanks for the deals! What’s your experience with adult Threadless sizing? I used to order Threadless t shirts for my boys when they were toddler/preschool age and I’d have to order 2-4 sizes bigger than their normal size because the shirts were so tiny. Now they are giant man-sized teenagers and I’m wondering if I need to size up.

    • Well, I think their men’s shirts are fairly true to size in the conventional Ts (I don’t know about the various other options like the softer shirts or v-necks). The width is correct. The smaller sizes tend to be shorter (and all-cotton shirts shrink), so, for example, I buy my skinny manchild a large there for length even though width-wise he’s really a small. The women’s shirts are VERY undersized—I like a large there and I’m like a size 4, max. Or I just buy men’s.

      • Thank you! That’s super helpful!

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