The whole fruit, and nothing but the fruit

By Mir
August 26, 2020

Hello! For better or for worse, I am ordering a lot of things from Amazon lately. It means I don’t have to go out, and because I have Prime, stuff arrives fast. Also I have been spending my coronavirus vacation (hahahaha*sob*) baking and sewing and sitting and eating, so I am now looking for some healthier snack options on account of many of my pants appear to have shrunk lately. It’s a mystery!

I just bought this 48-pack of Stretch Island fruit leather for $8.58, because 1) that’s the cheapest it’s ever been and 2) it’s nothing but fruit, with no added sugar. Also 3) I’m hungry.

Anyway, thought that one was worth sharing if you’re looking for some not-so-terrible-for-you, shelf-stable snacking.


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