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Come take the Savings Pledge with me!

Those of you who’ve been around a while may remember that last year I was named one of the 2010 DealPros, which made me feel all warm and fuzzy and pretty. It also means that through the magic of partnering with a larger organization, I’m now able to bring you even more deals and sometimes extra-super-awesome giveaways and such.

I’m thrilled to announce that I’ve been selected for 2011 as well, which means now I feel extra pretty, and all kinds of additional awesomeness will be coming your way here at Want Not, too. But most immediately, I want to invite you to join us in the Savings Pledge.

Over on the Want Not Facebook page (you are a fan of Want Not on Facebook, right?), you may have noticed there’s a new application tab for the Savings Pledge. The theory behind it is simple: Those of us who work to bring you deals and tips want to help you really commit to making a difference in your savings, and we want it to be fun and doable at the same time. Also, we’re doing it, too. In fact, let me tell you some more about that. (more…)

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Saturday deals

Goooood morning! The sun is shining! The birds are singing! And I apparently snagged a bulk deal on exclamation points!

Sorry. I’ve… had a truckload some coffee. Ahem. Let’s see what’s up today, shall we?

Over at Coldwater Creek, they’re featuring a 50% off code on the site. But we can do better than that—use coupon code FBPARTY through the 19th to get half off and free shipping on your order.

Today’s deal at Graveyard Mall is an extra 60% off and free shipping on a select assortment of items with coupon code June60ship. They have some nice brass accent pieces and some cute coasters, so take a look.

This weekend you can take 20% off your order at Eddie Bauer with coupon code DAD20. I won’t even tell if you’re not buying something for Dad. Meanwhile, over at Gap, coupon code SUMMER will take an additional 30% off sale items this weekend.

There’s tons of sneakers discounted at today, and their reduced shipping is still in effect—just $2.95 for your entire order!

Finally, if you’re in the mood for something philosophical, my latest post is up over at; you can go review my pros and cons of online-only banks to see if one of them might be right for you.

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Pro credit card and not ashamed

Regular readers know that unlike many money-savers, I am not anti-credit in the slightest. In fact, I am unabashedly pro-credit-card, provided you use it just like cash, paying off the balance every month.

And that’s what I’m talking about over at, much to the dismay of Dave Ramsey fans everywhere. Heh.

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Modest bikinis for young teens?

As a mom to a young teen, myself, my head couldn’t nod in agreement fast enough when pretty reader Maria emailed me this morning to say:

My current dilemma is about bathing suits for young teenagers. My 13 year old daughter has worn one piece or tankini-style suits. She would like a bikini this year and I’m ok with that, but I cannot find an ‘appropriate style’. The ones we are finding in stores are the string style. I would like more coverage and something that won’t fall off when she actually wants to do some swimming. Any advice on where to buy such a suit?

(I thought it was a nice touch that she added an addendum with a link to this piece about Abercrombie selling padded bikini tops for 2nd graders to highlight exactly what she doesn’t want. Ack.)

The short answer, of course, is that there are viable options at the intersection of “she thinks it’s cool” with “Mom doesn’t think she’s naked.” It’s merely a matter of ferreting those options out. And the first problem is the size issue. (more…)

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What’s your non-negotiable non-bargain?

I was thinking today, for some reason, about the rare items for which I will not only pay full price, but which I know to be either unhealthy (if consumable) or not terribly high-quality either as an item or an experience. My philosophy on saving money has always been that you save on what you can so that you don’t have to worry about where you can’t, but still.

My quintessential example of this is Girl Scout Cookies. I swear that every year the box is smaller, the number of cookies fewer; plus they’re not exactly health food, and now that I’m gluten-free, I can’t even eat them. And I never pay that kind of money for cookies, otherwise. But the kids love Thin Mints. And the little girls in their Brownies uniforms ambushed me on my way out of the grocery store. And really, it’s like giving to charity, buying those. Right? Right.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. What’s yours? ‘Fess up—we won’t judge you. Probably.

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Clothing costs are rising

This is a little FYI to just be aware of: Cotton and other fabrics are experiencing a dramatic price increase, which will soon be reflected in clothing prices.

What does this mean for you? Well, it means you may be spending more, even on sale, not because manufacturers are being greedy, but because their costs are on the rise. You—being smart and pretty and frugal, as always—have hopefully been buying ahead on sales and clearance, anyway, but it’s still worth noting that even your socks and undies may be more expensive in the coming months.

This is also a great time to start exploring thrifting as a way to build your wardrobe. If you have the time and patience, often the best deals are the buried gems at your local Goodwill or Salvation Army.

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Not dead, I swear

Apologies for the unexpected absence, today—I didn’t mean to abandon you! One appointment somehow turned into three and then, poof, the whole day was gone. I will try to do better tomorrow, but my son is having surgery in the morning, so we’ll see how it goes. (Surely I can blog while he’s having his tonsils and adenoids removed….)

By way of apology, did you happen to notice that Clarks are up to 75% off at today…? (Sorry, that’s the best I can manage after a day of shuttling a sick, cranky kid around to doctors’ appointments.)

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To Prime or not to Prime

… that, as they say, is the question. Specifically, the question was this, from Daisy:

Is Amazon Prime worthwhile? I get a lot of amazon gift codes, and I wondered if combining those with Prime might be a good idea.

I love this question, but I also hate this question, because it’s a little bit like asking “Do these pants make me look fat?” and here is why: I think the answer to this question is highly subjective. (more…)

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A quick word about this site and the FTC

As some of you may know (and others may remain blissfully oblivious about), today (December 1st, 2009) new FTC regulations go into effect about how bloggers disclose affiliate and marketing relationships on their sites.

In the three and a half years I’ve been operating Want Not, I’ve always tried to be very clear about where prizes come from, with which stores I have an affiliate relationship, etc. But just so that there’s no confusion at all, I have a new Full Disclosure page explaining all of these things (and more). Additionally, from this point forward—as is explained on the Disclosure page—any time I link to a store where I stand to earn money through your purchase, there will be clarifying hover text informing you of that relationship.

The Disclosure page is now linked both from the top of the left sidebar, over there, as well as from the main About page.

Running Want Not is my job, but it’s also a labor of love. I’m happy to make sure that I’m in compliance with the new FTC regulations, and that my readers understand exactly how things work around here. If you (ever) have any questions, please just let me know.

P.S. You’re pretty.

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Sometimes I pay full price

I was telling a friend this weekend (before I got sick, and now I’m hoping to type out this tale before the Dayquil wears off…) that I recently walked into Target and paid full price for a new blender. And then I realized that was significant enough to warrant its own post.

Yes, Virginia, sometimes I don’t wait for something to go on sale. I know. Crazy, isn’t it?

In the case of the blender, well, our ancient blender was on its last legs, and my daughter has taken to drinking smoothies on school mornings. Her lunch period is at 10:30 (don’t even get me started on that…) and she says that if she eats anything else at breakfast, she’s not hungry enough at lunch time to eat her lunch, and then she’s starving at the end of the day. So, smoothies it is! I punch up the nutrition by adding salba and spinach to our concoctions of orange juice, yogurt, and frozen fruits. Frozen fruit is hard on a cheap blender, so I knew I needed a decent one rather than one of those $19.99 specials. And I could’ve waited for a sale, but we use it five days a week, and I was worried the blender we were replacing could die at any moment.

So I bought it. For full price. (I got this Oster, both because my research showed it to have great reviews particularly with pulverizing frozen fruit, and because it matches my new stainless kitchen appliances nicely.)

The way I see it, getting as many bargains as I do offsets the occasional time I want/need to “just buy it.” I felt a flutter of guilt and then it passed. The moral of the story is that sometimes it’s okay to “just do it” (provided you can afford it, of course). Other things—off the top of my head—for which I will pay full price, on occasion: Local/organic foods, the perfect bra (sorry guys, but fellow women will understand that one!), and my work computer (because Macs don’t really ever go on sale).

So tell me—what will you pay full price for, regardless of your propensity to find the best deal on everything else?

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