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By Mir
December 1, 2012

Are you still checking the Amazon Lightning Deals? They’re still going, with the occasional gem of a deal sandwiched inbetween a bunch of stuff that makes you go “Huh?”

I’ll confess that this time of year, I do my own fair bit of shopping. Ahem. I thought I’d give you a quickie rundown on a few recent purchases that made me happy, to do with what you will. (I am not being compensated in any way for any of this, and all products mentioned were bought with my own money. This is just stuff I like and want to tell you about.)

Electrolux Ergorapido Ultra 2 In 1 Stick Vacuum. I got this on a Lightning Deal for $59 (and as we all know, Lightning Deals have a way of repeating, so if you’re interested, keep an eye out). I bought it because both our Shark stick vac and our little Dustbuster have seen better days. It’s only been a week but so far I love this so much. The suction is excellent, having a light on the front is actually pretty nice, and I’m totally digging the 2-in-1 construction. I cut my son’s hair this morning and it sucked up a ton of hair afterward, no problems. Speaking of that…

Wahl 79524-2501 Chrome Pro 24-Piece Haircut Kit. I have been cutting my family’s hair for… pretty much forever. This is my fourth set of clippers, and a completely un-planned-for purchase because my previous set is lost. (I don’t know. I cannot explain. They have to be somewhere here in the house, but my boys have grown shaggy as I continued insisting it would turn up. It never did.) You have no idea how annoyed I was to have to buy a new set, and I bought them at the current price ($26.97), which isn’t bad but isn’t the greatest steal ever. All of that said: These are the nicest clippers I’ve ever owned. They work great, they have every possible blade guard you might want, and they feel the best in my hand of any I’ve had (nice ergonomic design). Also, my kid tends to do interpretive dance while I’m cutting, and he didn’t end up with any bald spots. So there’s that. [Don’t think you can cut hair? You totally can! There’s tons of YouTube videos and such to get you started. This is a great way to save money and justify your own salon visits. Trust me.]

And finally, about a month ago at (sorry, it’s not available there anymore, but I just got it in the mail last week), they had a bundle deal on The Elements: A Visual Exploration of Every Known Atom in the Universe and the matching 1,000 piece jigsaw puzzle. These will be Christmas gifts for my science-obsessed nerdling, but I can tell you right now that the book, in particular, is a bargain at any price. It is gorgeous but it’s also incredibly interesting and, unexpectedly, really funny. I am sneaking reading it at night because it’s just that good, and I am the person who used to fall asleep in science class.

Have an product recommendations to share from your recent shopping…?


  1. My nerdling (actually a 43 year old software engineer) got a book of Star Wars origami from Amazon. The papers come in the back of the book and they are printed with the designs such that when they are folded according to the directions, he will have an entire and recognizable nerdiverse.

  2. This one, Elizabeth? Because that looks really cool!

  3. Can’t help but contribute that I finally broke down and spent what seemed to be a ridiculous amount on PENCILS. We are homeschooling, and our 8 year old boy abhors writing anything. Finally I read a suggestion that said to buy the high-quality Ticonderoga pencils to avoid the breakage. I had been buying the 12-for-$1 packages at the dollar store, but I bit the bullet and spent THIRTEEN DOLLARS for 72 pencils. It has cut out about 2/3 of the frustration!

    PENCILS. Who knew?

  4. Awesome origami! Just knocked 5 gifts off my list.

  5. I was looking at the clipper kit, and our Costco has a similar one in white for slightly cheaper.

  6. Katie, just make sure to check out the reviews on the particular style number. My missing clippers are also Wahl, and I liked them, but these new ones are far superior.

  7. We have that star wars origami and it is awesome. The directions are kinda hard for a kiddo but the finished projects are very nice. We’ve taken to scanning the original paper so we can make multiple copies and usually use a copy first to make sure we understand all the directions before folding the nice printed paper.

  8. I’ve gotten SO MANY deals I’m pleased with lately–thanks to YOU, of course! My Body Shop extravaganza came a few days ago, and I am in love with it. Some of the pieces are going to be Xmas gifts, and some are for ME (of course). What a smokin’ deal on that set!

    Also loving the stuff I bought from Lands’ End during one of their recent 30% off plus free shipping deals–got a beautiful sweater coat and corduroy blouse for myself, and they’re both great (as always–love LE).

    And I know my hubby will be very happy to get the Batman LEGO Minifig stickers to add to his stack of Batman-themed activity stuff. 35-year-olds deserve toys, too! 😉

    Thanks, as always, Mir, for the great bargains! 🙂

  9. Yes, yes, LOVE that Ergorapido! I have one too – bought it at Kohls because they have such an awesome return policy, I knew I could take it back if I didn’t like it. but I love it! It’s perfect.

  10. Yes, that’s the one! Sorry, I’m not so good with the linking. Now I’m down to my hipster chic artsy sister and the older people who don’t throw things away (not calling them hoarders, but OMG so.much.stuff)… so consumables. The Crabtree and Evelyn special was great– now hoping going to find something such as citrus from South Texas, or some other such– I’ve done honey (with specific flowers, like orange blossom), Stumptown coffee, fancy cheeses from Murrays here in NYC (their packaging/shipping is awesome!), nuts, and homemade breads in the past… ideas? They do organic everything, and low sugar/grease…so chocolate is out… Ideas???

    You know, one of them can’t ever remember her iphone charger– I may check into a 10 pack of those, or something… one for the car, the truck, her desk at work, her suitcase, her living room, her bedroom… maybe a five pack would do.

  11. I did that puzzle. And I am good at puzzles. But it was *hands down* the most difficult puzzle I’ve ever done! Do you know how many 100% black pieces there are in it?!? And there is literally no way to figure out which ones go together without trial and error — reminds me of how my (OCD) mom talks about her childhood summers, when they’d finish a puzzle, then take it apart and reassemble it upside down…

    Anyway, it is beautiful when complete — which is why I went out and bought a jar of puzzle glue and a frame IMMEDIATELY upon completion, to hang in my own nerdling’s room.

  12. Ohhhh Jennifer, you are smart. I think Santa just put puzzle glue on the stocking list! 😉

  13. Since I bought my son that puzzle last week, I’m glad for the puzzle glue tip as well. He bought himself the book at a Book Fair at school a year or two ago, and he ADORES it. He reads it all the time – so much so that it never gets put away, and the binding has fallen apart.

    Amazon also had the “Visual Exploration of the Solar System” marked down, so my baby nerd is getting that for Christmas as well.

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