Freezers revisited

By Mir
July 4, 2006

Ever since posting this piece on owning a freezer, I have gotten several requests for more information. Several of you have asked where to put a freezer if you lack a garage or a basement. Excuse me while I scratch my chin and look thoughtful.

(On the inside, I’m thinking: Really? No basement or garage? Where do you put stuff?? Also, what should I have for a snack?)

But back to you. It turns out that my financial acumen and general good looks just don’t translate into preternatural appliance feng shui, so the answer to “where else can I put a freezer?” is pretty much “heck if I know.” I mean, I wouldn’t advocate sticking a freezer in your bathroom, but other than that, if you can find the space and you’re happy with it, g’head.

I also opened up my big mouth and offered to share a freezer buying guide, and no sooner did folks chime in with “yes, please do that,” then I realized that my freezer buying guide goes something like this:

1) Decide what size fits in the available space.
2) Decide if that’s the size you really want, or smaller.
3) Compare prices/models online. (Remembering, of course, that you do not want a frost-free model. You want a “deep freeze,” whether a chest or upright.)
4) Go for the best Energy Star rating you can find.
5) Buy it during a sale (for stores like Sears) or with a 10% off coupon (for stores like Lowe’s or Home Depot).

And, um, I bet you knew all of that already.

But! Several people also challenged me on the cost of owning/operating a freezer, which was a very smart point to bring up. In digging around, I discovered that The Dollar Stretcher did a great piece on just that. Rather than reinvent the wheel, I’m just going to point you over there. I mean, it’s not as entertaining as I am (and really, few things are), but there’s quite a few salient points deconstructed for consideration.

And I figured now was just the right time to share all of this, since many of you probably have hamburgers and hotdogs and other assorted charred foodstuffs coming out your ears at the moment. Land of the free, home of the barbecuers….


  1. It’s pretty easy to find freezers in the classifieds as well. Seems to be a frequently sold item – at least in AZ. We bought ours (large chest freezer) for $100.

  2. Julie: I certainly wouldn’t rule that out, as an option, but given the cost of running one, I would advocate buying new if at all possible. Remember that the biggest cost will be in running it, not purchasing it! New will yield a higher Energy Star rating and it’ll last longer. YMMV, of course.

  3. If you have children (and let’s face it: if you are trying to save a buck and are reading this blog, chances are good that you do), I would suggest an up-right model rather than a chest style freezer. My reasons are two fold: 1) saftey is important and while you think that there is no way your little darling can open the freezer and climb in, you might be wrong and that would just ruin your day, and 2) it is way too easy to loose stuff at the bottom of those chest freezers.

    BTW, my freezer and my Sam’s Club membership are two of my very best friends. It’s so nice that they get along so well, too.

  4. We live in AZ, (no basement), and it would cost a fortune to store the freezer in the garage when it’s 110 outside and 140 in the garage. So, we keep our extra freezer in the laundry room. It just fits the dryer/washer/freezer. We have a chest type, and a lock on the door to the laundry room to keep kids from climbing in.

  5. The unheated garage is probably the worst place to put your freezer for energy usage and longevity of the machine. We have a galley style kitchen. At one end of the counter is the refrigerator and at the other is the upright freezer. We used to keep another chest freezer in the family room that was modified with a 6 faucet beer tap on it which my husband kept full of his homemade brews. This results in men standing in your home staring at you like you are Carmen Electra in a bikini saying ‘wow…you are the coolest wife EVER!’

  6. If you’re out shopping for a freezer, 3 words:
    Sears Appliance Outlet.

    Love that store. 😉

    In regards to where to put your freezer, we’ve lived in apartments for the last 6 years of owning a chest deep freeze, none with laundry rooms or garages. We typically find a spot that’s out of the way in the living room or dining room. Our freezer’s feet have rusted a bit so we stick a piece of cardboard under it so it doesn’t ruin the carpeting. You might want to ponder buying a peice of plywood to go under it if you’re really worried about flooring!

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