Mmmmm. . . carbs!

By Mir
July 5, 2006

I love bread. I love all carbs, but bread is my first love.

I asked for—and received—a breadmaker one year, long ago, when they were relatively new. It worked splendidly for about three weeks, then commenced burning the bottom of the loaf no matter what combination of settings I used. It was very sad.

I often think about replacing that breadmaker, and I still haven’t done it. This one here? It gets great reviews, it’s over 50% off, and it has free Super Saver Shipping at the moment. Plus it can make different size loaves without burning them, and it comes with an instructional videotape.

“Hey honey, wanna watch this tape with me? It’s all about how to best… bake bread. Rawwwwr!”

(Okay, maybe not. But it’s still a great deal for a breadmaker.)


  1. Oh! Get it! I totally totally TOTALLY looooooove my Breadman Ultimate! You will not regret it!

  2. OH STOP IT.
    You can BAKE BREAD! You don’t need no stinkin’ machine! Come on over, I’ll teach ya. *I* can bake bread, and I’m too stupid to cook rice. I mean, I can cook rice…but not all that well. That’s pretty stupid.

  3. Kira, I’m a fine cook. But I can NOT bake bread.

    Yeast laughs at me. It’s very painful to talk about.

  4. But why do it yourself when a machine can do it for you? 😉

    The thing that really made my Breadman worth its keep was the pizza dough setting. I make my own whole wheat pizza crusts on a (probably too) regular basis, and let me tell you does that roll in the savings. The first year I had the Breadman, I didn’t buy bread. Ever. And we eat a LOT of bread! So, that’s about $5-10 a week in savings, plus all the pizza crusts, which would be at least another $20 or so a month…it adds up fast.

  5. I have an older Breadman, actually I don’t see how it is different from this Breadman Ultimate at all. I have had it for a number of years, and I use it all the time. I actually have a second breadmaker I got at the thrift store for backup, for when I want to make a lot of loaves in a short time for a bake sale for church. I never buy bread, either- store-bought bread just tastes so nasty now, unless it’s the kind that sells for $4/loaf. I think a breadmaker is totally essential! This is a great brand and a great model, for a very good price- if you don’t have a breadmaker, I’d get this one for sure!! If I didn’t have two perfectly functional breadmakers already, I’d be getting it!! (Darn, they work fine!!!)

  6. Ooh, yum. I just made “french bread” in the b’maker today. They’re handy.

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