Super-straight hair

By Mir
July 11, 2006

I spent many, many years straightening my naturally curly hair. Now, I am old and lazy and do not care. (Oh, also I am a poet!) Anyway, I do remember the relentless pursuit of a straight, glossy mane.

I hear that the Way To Go these days is the Chi flat iron. So I was thrilled when I received a tip from Karen (the intrepid designer of this site) about this 1″ Chi on sale with free shipping at Folica.

Ever your intrepid bargain-hunter, I decided to poke around a bit, and discovered that this iron is the same price at Amazon. But if you buy it from Folica, you also get the heatproof pouch/mat for free (a $20 value), so I’d recommend picking it up from them if you want in on the deal.

And you know, I get a kickback when you shop Amazon through the site, and I get nothing from Folica. This is love for my readers, right here, with me recommending you shop Folica. Do you see how I sacrifice for you?


  1. OMG!!!!!!!!!! MIR! How crazy is it that you put this up today!? Sunday I actually paid more than $20 for a haircut and went to this upscale salon in my lil area of NY. I have CURLY hair and was at that website all day yesterday looking for a flatiron that the salon suggested. Wow, creepy & awesome all at the same time 🙂

  2. Wow, who knew flat irons were so expensive.
    Guess I should be happy with my straight hair, even though in 1987 I would have done anything for big curly hair.

  3. I think you can get it way cheaper on ebay.

  4. Probably true, kks. This becomes one of those “what’s your priority?” sorts of issues. Me, if I’m going to spend that kind of money on an appliance, I want a warranty and customer service (which you likely won’t get on eBay). But to each their own comfort level, of course.

  5. Whoops, forgot to add:
    Since Mir deserves a kickback from Amazon, buy Paul Mitchell’s Straight Works and Gloss Drops there (Skinny Serum is awesome too) AND get the free shipping she told us about a few days ago (use the checkout code GROCERY2). It’s good to take a break from the iron; the results I got (with thick, frizzy, wavy hair) are almost as good, and these products are certainly kinder on your hair. I’ll never give up my Solia, though, especially for fixing the trouble spot at the back of my head that even Paul Mitchell can’t quite fix.

  6. I did get mine on eBay – $98 including shipping. But I fought for it, baby. 🙂

    It is a kick-ass product though.

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