And maybe I’ll give you Kira’s molasses cookie recipe

By Mir
September 13, 2006

Do you have one of these? Technically, I suppose I don’t, either. But I have a friend who never uses hers, and so it’s been on permanent loan at my house for… ummm… about three years. It’s a wonderful arrangement for all involved, because she doesn’t really have room for it at her place and I actually pet it and stroke it and call it George and use it for cookies way more often than I should. It’s the Cadillac of mixers, and your dough will thank you (even if your waistline doesn’t).

This mixer retails for $369.99, and you can get one of these refurbished ones for just $129.99 with free Super Saver Shipping. Plus, you can use coupon code FALLSAVE to take off another $25—bringing your total for a genuine KitchenAid mixer down to just $104.99! You can’t see me, but trust me—I am positively swooning with the excitement, right now. And dreaming of those molasses cookies….

[Edited to add: Whoops!! I mailed her but I forgot to say thanks in this post. Thanks, Jennifer, for the heads up!]


  1. Where? Where? Oh, pretty Mir, I soooooooooo want one of these.

  2. I found it at Thanks, Mir! I love this site and have gotten a lot of great deals, but this may be my favorite one yet. I’m so happy I’m a little lightheaded.

  3. I added a text link, also you can click on the picture. 😀

  4. While these are great for lightweight tasks, there are many reports of motors burning out when they are used to make bread — something the old Hobart KAs did with ease. You will need a more heavy duty mixer — DLX, Bosch, Kenwood — of you make a lot of bread. Or a really good bread machine, but most of those can only do one loaf at a time. Why do you think there are so many reconditioned ones available? 🙂

  5. Oh Mir! Thank you so much! I’ve wanted one of these FOREVER but couldn’t bring myself to spend the money. $104 I can do!

  6. I make bread with mine every week and its fine. It gets hot if I make brioche but EVERY mixer gets hot kneading brioche for 30 minutes. I had one prior to this and the plastic worm gear broke on a batch of cookies. Obviously it wasn’t the cookies but the wear over time with all my bread . I looked and looked at the more expensive models and could not justify the $700 for a Viking or the $400 for the Bosch (both with metals gears). I got a purple one on one of these dealie things through amazon a couple years ago and I figure if I don’t get another 8 years out of this one then I will get the Bosch to replace it. In the mean time…its purple. Ooooooh….

  7. Where’s that cookie recipe? My Kitchenaid (red and frightens the two year old every time — almost as good as the Dyson and the dog…) thinks it sounds yummy…

  8. I’ve had my beautiful blue one for five years and I use it weekly, no problems. We had it on our wedding registry and when no one purchased it for us, the hubby had to convince me to buy it anyway (we got 10% off, but it was still expensive). Completely worth it.

  9. but do they have it in PINK????

  10. Just wanted to say I received mine from a boss, as a gift, 15 years ago with all the stainless attachments (which she had just lying around in a cupboard) and have not had a single moment’s problem with it. I knead all kinds of dough’s, and batters – no burn out. I love your site and all the work you put into it and I appreciated it! I just wish I could afford to buy all the things you post about 😉

    Oh and the new ice cream maker attachment is on my wish list (for years now).

  11. I got it!!! I had a birthday gift certificate to add to the FALLSAVE, so it is going to be very light on my pocketbook.

    I thought I was getting myself an Ott True Light for my birthday — you wouldn’t happen to know any deals on those? Please. (I’ve already commented on your prettyness and it remains true).

  12. I have one of the smaller ones and, since I have never, ever made bread since I’ve owned it, it works great! I use it for baking but I’ve also used it for mixing up a salmon mousse (cream cheese, canned salmon and liquid smoke, plus some other yummy stuff!) and it gets it light and fluffy and well-blended.

    You cannot go wrong with KitchenAid.

  13. Love, love, love my kitchenaid!!! I have had mine for 4 years now and use it almost daily, breads, cookies, cakes, etc. I love it to death and it is in awesome shape, so easy to use and keep clean. It is the most useful kitchen appliance that I own.

  14. Lovely, lovely, elegant Mir… I have lurked for months now and enjoyed many a free thing from your site. However, the FALLSAVE code no longer works. Maybe I waited too late? Do you have any other suggestions forthcoming from your beautiful brain?

  15. As of this writing (prompted by Rachel May’s comment) be aware that the mixer has been marked down to $124.99, making it just a penny too cheap for the FALLSAVE coupon. HA! Get your total over $125 with a qualifying item and the coupon can still be applied. HTH.

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