So very tempted

By Mir
February 22, 2007

These were all the rage around Christmastime, and I sort of poo-pooed the idea because they were new (and unproven) and also, I am not generally a fan of all-in-one devices. I think it leaves too much of a possibility of one part breaking and then you’re left with a partially-functional unit.

But time has gone on and people are still talking about them like they’re amazing, plus I have to admit that I’m all over anything that would allow my kids to make their own breakfast. I confess to being intrigued.

(No, taking a pop-tart out of the wrapper does not count as “making your own breakfast.”)


  1. Hmmm. It does look like a fun and cool gadget. I’m not sure it’s for me, though. With 6 kiddos, we’d still take an hour on breakfast. Maybe I just need to buy 6, LOL! 😉

  2. My mom got one of these for Christmas, and she loves it. Quick and easy. She uses it more than the Roomba I gave her.

  3. Good parenting is overrated. Just keep these stocked in the fridge and call it a day —

    Even though I’m joking, I’m starting to crave them. Darn you, Jimmy Dean!

  4. but – there’s no bacon! 🙁 I guess I’ll have to keep making breakfast. at least my coffee maker knows how to have coffee ready for me when I wake up.

  5. That looks kinda cool. At least it poaches the egg… not something I usually (ever) attempt when making eggs, which makes it intriguing to me.

    Not nearly so lame as the pop up hot dog toaster. Because hot dogs are so hard to cook normally.

    Hmm, no comment preview? Does your site allow me to use a little html code? I guess I’ll find out in a second.

  6. Someone gave one of these to my mother a while back and she has tried more than once to give it to me since then because she just doesn’t think she’ll use it. I’m just not willing to give up the countertop real estate for it, even though it does seem kinda cool!

  7. Sumo: I love how that hot dog thing is by BRAND NOT SPECIFIED. LOL!

  8. I thought for sure the category would be Retail Gone Wrong. I go for the poptart package, myself. My oldest thinks Milano Minis are a good breakfast. But she’s away at college, so I don’t have to feel guilt for “allowing” her to eat them.

  9. hey now…don’t be hating on that hot dog thing…technically, it was first marketed as the Hot Diggety Dogger….they’re so awesome!! (granted, i say that now, since my friend owned one and not me. i don’t think it’s worth the counter space, but it’s awesome nonetheless)

  10. Heh heh, it said “meat warmer.”

  11. Summer stole my line. I must be thinking like a 12 year old boy because that is the first thing I noticed when I clicked the link!

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