Milk box epilogue, or maybe epitaph

By Mir
August 16, 2007

What? Yes, yes I am still talking about this deal on milk boxes, because according to my handy-dandy report from Amazon, you people bought a lot of milk boxes. So I want to share my experience with all my fellow organic milk lovers.

I, too, ordered a couple of cases of milk boxes. And yesterday they arrived, and I remember thinking to myself, “Self,” I thought, “it’s a very good thing that these don’t require refrigeration! Why, it is over 100 degrees out here!” And then I took the box inside and opened it up and what was the first thing I saw on the box of milk cartons?


Hmmm, thought I.

I called Horizon‘s consumer hotline (the makers of the milk) to explain that I live on the surface of the sun and was wondering if my newly delivered milk would still be okay. The recommended that I discard the milk. Then they offered to send me some coupons.

I called Amazon and here’s the interesting part—they asked me if I wanted a refund or a replacement. “Well,” I said, “I would like a replacement, except it’s still going to be really hot here for a while. Can you ship it with some sort of cold pack or something?” I never did get a straight answer on that one, but the customer service guy assured me that they would “take care of it.”

I’m not sure what that means. But okay.

If you ordered the milk and you live somewhere really hot, PLEASE call Amazon to discuss your options. I don’t want anyone sending their kids to school with little boxes of organic botulism, you know.


  1. I thought of that too.

  2. Mir – Do you have a handy number for Amazon?

  3. Amazon’s customer service number is 800-201-7575.

  4. Thanks! I just called Amazon and the cust serv rep said that they couldn’t guarantee that a replacement shipment wouldn’t end up in the same boat, so I took the refund. They were very good about just refunding the money – I don’t have to return the product or anything.

  5. Guess who’ll be calling Amazon from Arizona today? That would be me. My milk boxes arrived yesterday, and I wasn’t really happy to see that the expiration date is sometime in December. The case of chocolate that I purchased from Sam’s Club about a month ago doesn’t expire until March or April 2008.

  6. bummer – that’s too bad.

  7. I got my milk yesterday and thought the same thing. Thanks for the info.!

  8. This has turned into a nightmare for me. Amazon asked that I call Horizon “to make sure the product is bad” before they would issue a refund. I called Horizon and they said consume it “at your own risk,” as they had no idea how long it was/could be held above 80 degrees. My second call to Amazon: the guy was completely baffled about what to do, so he directed me to go on to my Amazon account, print the return label(s) and send the boxes back in order to receive a refund. Not a happy camper…

  9. Melisa, I just called and got a refund also. Maybe you should try calling Amazon again. Don’t ship it back, the product is damaged!

  10. I received my milk yesterday as well. Exact same thoughts. Of course, I still let my daughters consume some strawberry milk, and I’m sick to my stomach now. Although they seem fine, I feel aweful. I don’t know how long the milk was outside and explained to my hubby that it was in the shade, it only got in the mid 80’s yesterday. And he was like, what about the truck the were in?! OY! Let me make this call….

  11. I called Amazon and they verified that the manufacturer recommends discarding the milk and have been refunded in full.

  12. I know that is probably a pain for you. But it is kind of humorous that they don’t think of that!
    Also, I just want to thank you for all your sale posts! It excited me to see what thing is on sale each time!

  13. Yay for Ken at Amazon! After my third call I was promised a full refund and offered many apologies. He accomplished this in about two minutes. It’s amazing the difference a little knowledge makes. Thanks again, Mir!

  14. the promotion goes until August 31. I took the refund and plan to order at the end of the month . . . 2 week shipping gives it a shot of being cool enough where I live.

    the man I had told me they had no cold packs . . .

  15. Yeah, I really wondered about the “doesn’t have to refrigerated” remark, but who am I to question the incredible Mir? I didn’t buy any, thank goodness. You never know how hot it gets in the back of a truck during shipment (if the truck is unrefrigerated), whether it’s the height of summer or not. Yikes! Glad you ladies are getting your deserved refunds.

  16. Thanks, Mir! That was easy.

  17. amazon refunded my money but told me that they are shipped on refrigerated trucks (which i do NOT believe) but to be on the safe side, they said to discard the milk. I also called horizon just to let them know about shipping concerns with amazon but did not get any coupons 🙁

  18. ok,I must be blind & stupid. I got my milk day before yesterday and no where on the shipping carton or milk carton can I find the 80 degree thing. I just hope the little bugger don’t hurl from all that good for you milk he’s drunk.I’m in Ga also, and it’s been 102 here.
    my expiration on the choc. is april 30 of 2008.and the strawberry is october 07!
    OH, wait, never mind, now I see the below 80 degree. BIG BLACK LETTERING, OK.
    shoot, that’s alot of good milk to throw away.
    ARe you Sure he won’t die?

  19. Well, I called Horizon, too, and the guy I talked to said that there should be no problem as it’s “air tight packaging and bacteria free”. Hm. I was here when the UPS man dropped it off, though, so it was only the hot truck I’m wondering about…

  20. The whole point about UHT milk is that it has been heated to ultra-high temperatures so that it can be stored out of the fridge for long periods of time. When I lived in London, we all kept the stuff around to put in tea or on cornflakes when there was no fresh on hand. I really would not panic if I were you – ours seems just fine.

    Read more at Wiki

  21. Slightly off topic…but “organic botulism” would be a kick a$$ band name. I would so buy a tshirt with that on it!

  22. OK, so if it was EXACTLY 80 degree here yesterday in WI when my milk arrived, do I still need to throw it out? The kids drank some and didn’t get ill. Or should I assume that the delivery truck was more than 80 degrees and call for the refund?

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