Luring you back with snack savings

By Mir
September 11, 2007

Ever since the Veggie Booty recall, poor Robert’s American Gourmet has been working hard to win back their customers’ confidence. My guess is that sales are flagging a bit, which I think is a shame. Honestly—prior to the recall I’d never had a single problem with them. And I give them props for handling the recall well; many companies do not manage a situation like that with such grace and aplomb. Bottom line? I still love their products and will buy them with confidence.

So while I’m sorry that maybe the recall business has caused them to take a hit, I’m not sorry that one of the side effects is that many Robert’s American Gourmet snacks are marked waaaaaaaay down at Amazon. Cases of various snacks are selling for $7.50 and $10. Go poke around (even when you sort by price, it doesn’t always sort it correctly) and see if you need to stock up on snacks.


  1. Pretty Mir, sometimes Amazon ticks me off. On half the things I’ve clicked R.A.G.-wise the price listed on the main sort page is not the same as the price on the individual item page (did that make sense?).

    In other words, on the main page Pirate Booty is listed as $7.50 for a case but when I clicked on it, the price jumped to $15. It’s less than the original price but geeze, it’s still a bit frustrating.

    Advice? Does Amazon have to honor the original price?

  2. I just got three cases of Stacy’s cinnamon sugar pita chips, and they are good! I don’t think I will need anymore snacks for awhile, but I will check it out!

  3. I had the same experience as Brandi – double the price on the item page. I’m glad I didn’t click “buy” too soon.

  4. Noooo thanks. I hadn’t fed veggie booty to my toddler in 4 months or so when they did their recall but I still feel terribly guilty that I could very easily have been poisoning her. I will never, ever buy anything from them again.

  5. The recall made me rethink my snack-buying habits, too. But in a pinch, I still trust Robert’s. If nothing else, this scare has probably caused them to up their quality control.

  6. Argh, no, the price-changing thing is a new Amazon trick. Sorry about that. 🙁

  7. Dude. I stocked up on Chaos last time this sort of thing happened. 3 cases for $15 shipped. I am STILL eating it (I’m a family of one), and though I love it, I feel guilty every single time.

  8. Wow, people have been so opinionated over here lately. My philosophy is, if you don’t want to buy the bargain Mir has found for us all, click away and move on. There’s no need to be so negative. As parents, we do the best we can. I’m sure there are lots of parents who fed their children fresh spinach only to have them get sick from ecoli. As Mir said, unless you are raising your own animals, making your own feed, growing your own wheat, fruits and veggies, you are at risk for a potential recall. Such is life.

  9. Just because Amazon sells it does not mean you should feed it to your children

  10. Dammit! I just ordered two cases of Tings last week (from their actual own personal website.) I would have saved like $20 if I’d waited till this came up. Grrrr! (Jeez, I hope they’ve upped their QC since that scare.)

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