Get your Xbox violence here

By Mir
November 12, 2007

Dudes, I don’t know from video games. Honestly. I’m all, “X what now?” But I gather that, um, people really like video games? Like Xbox and such? And even adults like to get their game on sometimes?

Really, do not ask me.

What I do know is that this is a pretty smoking deal on two Xbox 360 games: Apparently you can get Bioshock there for $49.99—which is a decent, if not amazing, price for it—but when you do, you can also get The Darkness for free with it. That usually costs around $50 as well, so together that’s quite the bargain.

Assuming that you’re wanting to “biologically mod your body with plasmids” and such (don’t ask me, I took that from the game description and am sort of wondering if plasmids are contagious), that is.


  1. OK, maybe I’m not doing something right, but I don’t see where you get the free game.

  2. It looks like the promotion ended, Therese. You snooze, you lose on these Amazon deals. Lord knows they have an entire battalion of leprechauns there changing the prices on things. 😉

  3. Well, darn. My three gorgeous mature young men are all about the gratitious violence!

  4. Hey, the deal is back today!

  5. haha….Bioshock. it’s pretty disturbing. i told my boyfriend that a friend of mine mentioned playing it in the dark, and he hasn’t played it any other way since. i’m such a whuss i can’t even watch.

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