Did someone say barbecue?

By Mir
July 1, 2008

The July crop of Amazon grocery deals has arrived, and you know which one immediately caught my eye, right? Red Bone Alley spice rubs and aiolis. Mmmmmm mmm mmm.

They’re already marked down, and coupon code REDBONE2 will give you an additional 40% off. I say you pick a rub and pick a complimentary sauce, then place your order knowing that at less than $4 a pair, delivered, you’ll have some to use at home and the rest ready to go in gift bags to keep you in hostess gifts for the rest of the season. Score!


  1. You got me all excited, but the link doesn’t work 🙁

  2. This must have been a mistake they quickly realized, because the prices are nowhere near what you are talking about – over $20 a pair with the 40% off. Bummer. 🙁

  3. Crista — link is working fine for me…?

    Christina — there are 6 rubs/sauces per unit, so if you take the total cost of your shipment divided by 6 it’s $3.90 for a gourment rub/sauce pair.

  4. ahhhh, I didn’t look closely enough. The prices scared me away. Sorry! 🙂

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