Best-named cloth diaper ever

By Mir
October 7, 2008

Cloth diapering is better for the environment and can be better for baby’s skin, especially if he or she has sensitive skin issues. But the vast array of cloth diapering products can be difficult to navigate.

Here, let me help: Let’s pick the one that’s on sale and has the greatest name ever. Obviously.

I’m speaking, of course, of the Bum Genius cloth diaper. Great name, right? And on sale from Amazon for $12 apiece with free Super Saver Shipping available on $25+, plus this is one of those items where spending $25+ gets you a magazine subscription which you can refuse and then get $15 back, instead. That’s an awesome deal.

Do note that this is the 2.0 version, and there’s a 3.0 available (for more money, obviously). The styles are a bit different, and the 3.0 is supposedly “improved,” (has an insert design rather than an all-in-one design), but the reviews on the 2.0 are excellent and you can’t beat the price. Just make sure you understand what you’re getting and that you’re okay with it.


  1. That is a great price, but FYI that 2.0 and 3.0 are both pocket diapers, with the insert. bumGenius also makes the all-in-one design. Two separate diaper types. But the kind you’re talking about is one-sized (fits 8-35 lbs) and is a pocket diaper. It’s not that the 3.0 is improved with the pocket/insert, it’s just an upgrade of an existing design.

  2. Ah, thanks for the added info, Casey. Looks like all but the pink is sold out already, too. (That was fast!)

  3. Is is wrong that I’m considering putting pink on my little guy? (Oh, and re: “best diaper name”– Fuzzi Bunz and Tiny Tush are adorable too):)

  4. I love our Bum Genius diapers!

  5. How does the velcro last? I bought some Bummis Super Whisper Wraps and found that the velcro wore out even before the second kid and we did not even use these for the newborn or later toddler ages.

    The other problem we had with velcro was our kids learned how to open the velcro and enjoyed the sound, even under their clothes. Found 2 year old finger painting with her poop during nap time. The snaps worked better because after she was able to open the snaps, we were able to teach it was a No-No.

  6. Bum genius diapers are awesome. We’ve used them for well over a year now. Too bad all that’s left is pink or I might consider a coupla new ones for my little guy.

  7. too bad its just pink left. I’ve been wanting to try these for nighttime. We love our BG AIO’s for daytime

  8. The velcro, I think, works fine on it until the baby gets chunky enough to rip it easily. My son grew out of the one-sized BGs when he was around 30 lbs. – just got too small for him. And the velcro is kind of short, too, which doesn’t help much.

    They’re good diapers, but we quickly outgrew them (this is not natural, though, Matthew is just huge and grew a LOT his first year!).

  9. One of my 9 month old twins loves to take the velcro off of his bum genius diapers, so we just make sure to keep pants or a onesie on him at all times. We have a few Fuzzi Bunz, which fasten with snaps, but they are IMPOSSIBLE to put on a child who is rolling and crawling and doing everything in his power not to be diapered. Also, they leak. I’m going to go buy some pink diapers for my boys, because I can’t resist the price.

  10. The BGs are good dipes. My kid grew out of them so fast though – she was 30 pounds by the time she was a year old. So we’re using Fuzzi Bunz, which are much better for toddlers with curious fingers – she can’t rip open the snaps like she does with velcro diapers!

    That is an awesome deal though. I will pass it along. thanks Mir!

  11. I’m going to have to echo many of the above comments. Bumgenius work great, and my velcro stayed nice and clean. However, they are hardly one size fits all. But for this price, get them in place of “medium” other diapers, (didn’t try them with a newborn, so can’t vouch for how they work for under 15 pounds), then go on to Fuzzi Bunz or something for large.

  12. Ok – will have to check this out. I’ve been using Popolino up to now, but hey, whatever’s on sale with excellent reviews!

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