Great deal on a brighter smile

By Mir
November 6, 2008

Been meaning to try a home-whitening system, but haven’t found the bargain that sealed the deal for you? Today may just be your lucky today. is offering a 56-count of Crest Whitestripsicon for just $14.99 with this instant coupon (if I did the link right, it should land you on a page where it shows as $17.99, but will reduce in your cart). Shipping is free on this item for a limited time, as well.

I was just at the dentist a couple of weeks ago, and they told me this is the system they recommend to all of their patients. I pointed out that I have sensitive teeth and so am afraid to use a whitener, and my dentist told me to go ahead and try them, but to coat my teeth with Sensodyne afterward (like, right before I go to bed). I’m going to try it, I think.

And also leave you with the mental image of my teeth smeared in toothpaste overnight. Sorry about that.


  1. The link doesn’t work for me. When I search, it looks like $24.99 and out of stock.

  2. It is $17.99 but out of stock. BOO HOO.

  3. Um, it’s $17.99 but when added from that page, gives you an instant $3 coupon… and it’s still available, it’s just not shipping immediately.

  4. The link didn’t work for me either, and when I searched for the 56 count it was 24.99 and out of stock. Oh well! 🙂

  5. Will you let us know if the Sensodyne coating works? I’ve tried the whiteners, and whoa, my teeth ached!

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