Look Ma, no cavities in 2009

By Mir
January 7, 2009

I love it when something I give away on the site ends up being more affordable. Love it.

Remember the recent Oral-B contest? Still wishing you could get yourself one of those fancy toothbrushes?

Guess what! You can—while the Oral-B Triumph (the one I gave away) is still at $98.99 at Amazon, the Oral-B Pulsonic (an older model with fewer bells and whistles) is currently just $38.68. And on either model, you can use coupon code BRAUNJN9 to save another 10% instantly, plus there’s still an available $15 rebate valid for either model. If you opt for the Pulsonic one, after discount and rebate it’s under $20.

I think I’m going to bite the bullet and get one for the child who’s in braces. I’m getting a little tired of explaining what “brush really well” means.


  1. If you look around you can also find an Oral-B orthodontia tip, recommended for those pesky braces.

  2. wow, its already back up to $52.99. I love you amazon *sigh*. Still not a bad deal tho.

  3. I’m seeing it at $55.83, not 5 minutes later.

  4. $45.25 at this moment. . . that’s the Amazon well know all too well.

  5. and now its $45.25. I could play this game all day :). Not really

  6. up to $55.29 – bummer

  7. I just got it at Amazon for $41.99, but the coupon wouldn’t work. Still, it seemed worthwhile, given the rebate. Thanks, Mir!

  8. Now it’s up to 54.99

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