Don’t forget your month-end stock up!

By Mir
April 29, 2009

April is nearly over (how exactly did that happen??), and that means that the current batch of grocery deals at Amazon are winding down over the next few days. Be sure to stock up on the ones you want before they’re gone!

If your kids like granola bars, go for the Nature Valley deal—$15 off your $39+ purchase. Many of the flavors are listed at $39 for 12 boxes, which means that after Subscribe & Save and the coupon code, you’re getting 12 boxes for $18.15 shipped to your door. That’s just over $1.50 a box, and you didn’t have to step foot out of your house to get it, either.

Just, um, don’t get these if your kids are in braces. G’head, ask me why. Ahem.


  1. Totally want to get in on the Nature Valley deal. But if I do subscribe & save, and then put in the coupon code, I only get the $15 off, not the additional 15% off. Help!!!

  2. Having the same problem as Monique. Are the two exclusive?

  3. Hmmmm… it used to be that they’d let you do both. Could be that they’ve decided to discontinue that. Hmph!

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