Sew away sew away sew away

By Mir
June 25, 2009

Been on the lookout for a cheap but decent sewing machine? Amazon’s Gold Box Deal today is a Brother 32-stitch machine for just under $80 shipped. The reviews are largely favorable, and it sure beats buying a fancy-schmancy machine if all you really need is something that will do a reasonable hem.


  1. i would be leery of this machine. low end brothers have a reputation of being awful. a bad machine will just make you hate sewing. if you are looking for a fairly inexpensive machine, the White “jeans machine” is a good choice. it costs a little more than $80, but sometimes you get what you pay for.

  2. I have an inexpensive Brother machine and I hate it. In fact, I have sewn things by hand to avoid using it. (I also once kidnapped my mom’s Bernina for 2 months – now that is a machine I wish I could afford!)

  3. Another cheap Brother owner here. I bought one based on the Amazon reviews which were pretty good. It has skipped time on me twice (this is when the gears get out of alignment). Repair of that costs almost as much as the machine itself. The second time, I just sat it in a corner and haven’t used it since.

  4. Also, buying from Amazon voids the warranty. They’re not an authorized Brother dealer (I found out when my serger died about 3 months after purchase).

  5. Ackk, well, consider me duly chastened. Thanks for all the feedback, everyone.

    Maybe I should change the post to say this would be a great gift for someone you hate. 😉

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