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By Mir
July 27, 2009

I’m the sort of bargain-minded person who generally scoffs at extended warranties. “Don’t buy something that’s going to need it!” I’ll grumble, while telling those kids to get out of my yard. For things like cars, washing machines, etc., I definitely feel like you should research your purchase and be able to find something which doesn’t have a decent chance of breaking early on in its life cycle.

Laptop computers, on the other hand, need extended warranties. Not because they’re no good, but because—if you’re anything like me—we’re talking about a machine that gets moved around, banged here and there, and is important. Extended warranty for a laptop? Yes, please.

I have AppleCare for my MacBook, and it’s been worth every penny I paid. They replaced my hard drive when I had a catastrophic failure (remember that? good times), and recently replaced my keyboard, too. No hassle, no fuss. Love. Have a MacBook but didn’t buy AppleCare? If you’re still in the first year, you can go buy AppleCare from Amazon for 25% off. It extends your warranty to 3 years, by which time you too will likely come to love the magic-makers at your local Genius Bar. Just sayin’.


  1. Wonder if this is good for iPhones as well?

  2. Linda: Looks to me like it works on MacBooks, Airs, and MacBook Pros. Not the phones, though.

  3. anxiously awaiting my first ever mac to arrive. don’t know if i got apple care, though. i’ll have to check.

  4. The discount for phones/ipods etc is only 19% off but still its good. And then you get $5 in downloads from amazon too. Thanks!

  5. If you have an iPhone, you should get Apple Care for it even if it isn’t discounted. I love my phone, but I’m on my third in a year and I am NOT hard on my phone.

  6. linda, there are different versions of apple care at different prices for basically everything they make. you just have to find the one that applies to whatever you have, and i’m pretty sure amazon has all of them. obvi, the ones for the laptops are the most expensive.

  7. “we’re talking about a machine that gets moved around, banged here and there, and is important”

    Sounds like a car to me. Why wouldn’t you buy one for a car? Do you know how many of a car’s systems are computer controlled? Chances are you don’t use your laptop outdoors in rain or snow, or in extreme heat or cold like your car.

  8. bw: I think extended warranties for cars are overpriced and generally unhelpful. Most malfunctions there will occur in the first year (under the regular warranty) or the dealer will find a way to claim it’s not covered by warranty. I just don’t find them to be as good a return on investment as an extended warranty on a laptop. Personal opinion, of course, but there you have it.

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