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By Mir
September 16, 2009

So I told you about the Amazon September Grocery Deals a couple of weeks ago, and mentioned that I was trying the Mrs. May’s Trio bars sampler pack. I’m happy to report that if you like nuts (almonds in particular), I can’t see where you could go wrong with the Trios. They are fantastic.

In fact, they’re so good, I went back to order some more, today. And I discovered that the cranberry Trio bars are (for some reason) marked way down. They’re currently at $15.22 for the 24-pack, and after Subscribe & Save and 40% off coupon MRSMTRO3, they come to just $9.13 shipped. That’s just $.38/bar! (They’re all-natural, and gluten-free, too.)

I’m stocking up.

[Edited to add: The Amazon listing says 24 bars, but then the item details and graphic say 20 bars. Now I’m not sure which it is. But even if it’s only 20 bars, it’s still $.46/bar. Just wanted to point out the discrepancy.]


  1. sold out

  2. That’s cuz Mir bought them all 😉

  3. I only bought two boxes!! Amazon just does this to make me CRAYZEE.

  4. Hey, I’m totally fine with laughing, pointing, and snickers of “Remedial,” but would you share how to get to the holy grail of coupon codes + subscribe and save? If I go the S&S route, the order is processed immediately and I don’t have the opportunity to enter a coupon code. If I throw something in my cart, I theoretically have the option to enter a coupon code (for some reason it doesn’t work on my end, and I have to email Amazon and request a refund for the amount of the coupon), but I can’t order it as a S&S item. So, what’s your secret, Mir and/or Mir’s lovely readers?

  5. dear single mama,
    1st off – my hat is off to you being a single mother.

    after you enter your billing/shipping info, there is a place on the right side of the screen to enter your coupon code.
    this will be the last screen before you actually place your order.

  6. I know these are sold out anyway…but just in case they get more in, I thought I’d pass on some info. I too went back to stock up on Trio bars because not only did my family love them, the variety pack said “processed in a peanut-free facility”, which meant my peanut-allergic son could eat them as well. HOWEVER the new box of cranberry-only bars was different. No longer peanut-free. (The cranberry in the variety packs are okay though.) Luckily my hubby read the label before giving them to my son! Just an fyi…

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