It just sounds fancy

By Mir
September 24, 2009

Do you know what a Package Shark is? I didn’t, but it certainly does sound cool. I immediately had visions of dropping a box into the bathtub and having a shark rip it to shreds for me, rather than me having to fight with the packing tape.

Anyway, a real Package Shark is the Graveyard Mall Deal of the Day, and it’s a little doohickey that slices right through the tape on your boxes, or that horrible plastic casing everything seems to come in these days. Pretty snazzy. And while I wouldn’t necessarily say it’s worth $3.49, itself, you also get a pair of power scissors with it—another item that I’ve always sort of wanted but never really knew if it was worth it.

Better still, buy two and use coupon code sharkship and they’ll ship it all for free! That’s two pairs of power scissors, plus two Package Sharks, for just under $7 to your door. I’m thinking power scissors might make a good teacher gift…?


  1. I was almost sold. Then I read the reviews on amazon and I think I’ll save my $7.

  2. Me too. I was abotu to get one, but the reviews on amazon are bad.

  3. Oh dear. Sorry, I usually check the reviews and didn’t happen to, today. Thanks, ladies!

  4. Did anybody else notice that Graveyard Mall spells a wall-based lighting fixture ‘scone’? Made me downright hungry to read the page. 🙂

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