Lolly, lolly, lolly get your lollies here

By Mir
October 14, 2009

Yes, yes, yes—I know you’ve heard me rave about Yummy Earth lollipops before. All natural! Free of nasty dyes, the dreaded High Fructose Corn Syrup, and other allergens. Candy a mom can feel downright good about, and don’t even get me started on my love of the pomegranate pucker flavor. (Total yum.)

But why now, why today? Because today Yummy Earth lollipops are the Gold Box Deal at Amazon, and on top of that, they forgot to deactivate the current additional 35% off savings in your cart.

That means you can get the 5 pound bag for just $9.63 shipped (it’s giving free Super Saver Shipping, too—not sure why), or the 150-count container for just $5.78 shipped.

Need I remind you that Halloween is coming…?


  1. i don’t get the extra 35% off in my cart. so sad.

  2. Go all the way to checkout, Lisa! It’s there!

  3. I’ll be derned, you’re right! Just keep going! Why the $6 discount? Why the free shipping? Who knows! Probably because I’ve been so good.

    So, what’s the COUNT on a 5 pound bag? Which is the better per-pucker deal?

  4. The 150 count has a weight of 30 oz. I’ll let you do the math as I’m off to school.

  5. I give these away as a treat when people place orders with me. I ordered 3 bags and for some reason it gave me free 2 day shipping

  6. Great deal – but the big question is why in the world were you up at 5:57 a.m.?! And being productive!

  7. Thanks Mir…Halloween candy? Check!

  8. These lollipops are SO good!

  9. I got these for Halloween too 🙂 It says the 5 lb bag has approx 350 lollipops

  10. Lisa,

    looks like if you go all the way through to the payment/checkout page, it applies a promotion that takes off 35% and cost of shipping… So it works.

  11. Alas, they’re still really bad for your teeth!

  12. Can I get a side of adverbs, too?

  13. I went all the way thru to payment, and it took off $5 and change, but not the shipping…

  14. It took a ‘promotional balance’ of $8.06 off of mine, and I got it for a total of $9.63, shipped! Awesome deal!

  15. it didn’t work for me. it charged me $14.81 for the bag, so i cancelled the order (after i’d ordered it). then i tried the box of them and it charged me $12 and change. did you guys enter a code?

  16. you need to start at the gold box – click. then click the box of whichever item you are interested in – do not just click on the item. then add to cart. next, click super saver shipping. when you get to the last page, right before you pull the trigger, you will see all your discounts.

    hope that helps.

  17. Tried to follow erika’s rules, but if you only want one, then it doesn’t give you the option to click super saver shipping…

  18. sara, add 1 to cart,proceed to check out, sign in, ship to address, standard shipping, credit card, final page… look to the right and shipping discount is applied.

  19. Yay Mir! Halloween candy DONE for way way cheap.

  20. i followed erika’s directions to the “t” and still it did not work. i wonder if “cookies” or the pc’s “cache” affects anything. i could never get the super saver shipping option to “take” or appear. hmmmmm. still trying, tho.

  21. Yeah, I tried the same thing and it ended up charging me $8+ for shipping. So I canceled it – the above deal is amazing, but now that the price is higher (more than $15) and there’s no shipping, the total charge is around $25 and that’s too much for me.

  22. Is this still working for people? Mine isn’t showing the savings, still $14.81 with shipping of $8.06.

    I’m at the page that you click “place your order” is this the final page?

  23. They may have changed it since this morning. I suspect the additional savings and free shipping were a glitch.

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