Domo Arigato, Mr. Flashlighto

By Mir
October 22, 2009

I am intrigued by this Stanley Tripod Flashlight, perhaps more than I ought to be. Nevermind that it reminds me of a Transformer, with its three flashlights in one and endless configuration possibilities, or the fact that it uses long-lasting LED bulbs, or that it’s just $20 shipped from today… no, what’s getting to me is the wee keychain replica included as a bonus. Because having a tripod light dangling from your keys just seems very mad scientist, to me.

Has fantastic reviews on Amazon, where just the main light (no bonus superspy keychain light!) will run you $30.


  1. The link goes to Monty Python.

  2. Mir, darling, I know you have a thing for Monty Python, but this subliminal hint to get *us* to love him just as much is maybe not so subliminal. 😉

  3. Found the flashlight with a Google search, and bought 2!! One for my 12 year old gadget loving son, one for my Dad who camps with us down the Cape. Thanks for the heads up!!

  4. thanks! Perfect for the Dad’s who have everything.

  5. Argh! Should be fixed now; that’s what I get for posting and running. 😉

  6. Just click on Deals and then Today’s Deals and the flashlight is down near the bottom.

  7. My husband is a fiend for flashlights – don’t ask me how many we have – but this one was a disappointment. Its configurations are helpful and being able to take it apart into 3 is cool, but the LEDs flash/flicker. And its just getting worse the longer we have it. I don’t think that my husband has gotten around to complaining to Stanley yet, but we’ve seen similar complaints in other reviews. Maybe we got a lemon, and just have to exchange it, but for a brand like Stanley, we expected better initial quality.

  8. Just FYI – at the final billing page I noticed the total was more than I expected, and then that it included shipping – I thought the shipping was free? Then I saw that they offered “Budget” shipping for free but also offer faster options, and they kindly automatically upgrade you, and you have to decline that to get the free shipping. Thanks for the link, Mir, my gadget loving husband and father will love it!

  9. Whoo hoo! And even better that accepts PayPal.

  10. Got it, thanks. Will be a holiday gift for my husband who swears we’re constantly either hiding the flashlights or intentionally using up the batteries on him. 🙂

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