Need a Nano?

By Mir
December 19, 2009

I don’t know why this isn’t showing up on the main Lightning Deals page, but right now Amazon has a variety of 8GB iPod Nanos on Lightning Deal for $95 each.

Some colors are selling out faster than others. Great price if you can nab one!


  1. that link isn’t working for me

  2. They’re all sold out already. That was fast!!

  3. gone 🙁

  4. Just tell me they weren’t the newest version, and I’ll be ok with missing it.

  5. Man. I’m kind of glad I didn’t see this in time, as it saved me a $100 impulse buy. But that is one great deal!

  6. Walmart has nanos for $145 with a $50 itune card.

  7. I bought 2 i pod nanos at Walmart today which also included the $50 gift card from i tunes. No lines b/c they are NOT advertising it at all.

  8. Thanks to Beckie and Kristine…I nabbed the WalMart deal. Had to ask about it…not a sign or signal anywhere that it was going on. When I asked the “salespeople”, they weren’t sure…finally, we just “tried it” and the $50 iTunes gc deal came up. 🙂 Not QUITE as great as the Amazon $95 deal, but it’ll do.


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