Blend it up

By Mir
June 14, 2010

Y’all know that I am serious about smoothies at my house, which means that deep in my heart I someday want to own a Blendtec blender. You know, once I’m independently wealthy.

Until then, though, I keep an eye out for decent deals on blenders for us regular people who maybe don’t have $400 laying around right at the moment. Ahem. Anyway, this morning I spotted this Hamilton Beach Dual Wave Blender at for just $25 shipped; their supposed “list price” of $120 is rather ridiculous, but still, a look over at Amazon, suggests it’s a decent deal if you don’t mind the mixed reviews. (And yes, you can get the same price buying it at Amazon via

Make two individual drinks at once, or a whole pitcher’s worth. For just $25, I may be willing to try it out.


  1. I saw on the Today show one the Good Housekeeping people and they said a blender was never something to spend a lot of money on, so stop dreaming of the Blendtec. 🙂

  2. Might I ask what you use to sweeten your smoothies? My 18 month old doesn’t like the tartness of plain yogurt, but I don’t want to add sugar to the smoothies. So far I’m doing frozen fruits, yogurt, milk and spinach. Thanks!

  3. JoAnne: Most of the time, I don’t sweeten mine. I use a bit of orange juice and LOTS of fruit, so it ends up sweet enough 99% of the time. On the rare occasion when the kids complain it’s tart, I do a squeeze of honey.

  4. I’ve owned the Blendtec for about a year, and I love it. I will never not own a power blender again. I use it for smoothies, “ice cream” (made with frozen bananas and whatever else I want), healthy dressings, soups. It’s awesome, well worth the price.

  5. I have seen that same blender for $50. Not sure I would part with my Cuisinart blender though!

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