E-readers drop in price, hooray!

By Mir
June 23, 2010

Even if you’re not an Apple enthusiast, you have to be a little pleased about the iPad for a couple of reasons. First, it’s given us the best crop of immature feminine protection product jokes since junior high; and second, it put just enough of a squeeze on the e-reader market that prices are starting to drop.

That’s right: The Barnes & Noble nook is down to just $149, and the Amazon Kindle has just dropped to $189. (Sony remains in the middle, with their Pocket Edition Reader remaining at $169.)

Now, I know someone out there is going, “What?? I just bought a Kindle! And I paid more!” Rumor has it that Amazon is doing price adjustments on Kindles purchased in the last month; so if you bought within 30 days, please do contact customer service for a refund. (I’m not sure about the nook, though it would certainly be worth a try if you bought one just prior to the price drop.)

I have to say that—as stingy as I am—I broke down and bought a bunch of digital books to load onto my Sony Reader before the cruise, and I became totally addicted to the convenience of it while we were away. It’s not going to replace the feel/smell/experience of a real book, but when you’re trying to pack light, it’s very nice to have around.


  1. just putting it out there that the ipad has a B&N app that is awesome. it is like getting a nook free with your purchase!

  2. Ah, yes, good point, Kacy. You can also get the free Kindle app and there’s an iBooks app, as well. If you have an iPad you don’t need any of these! 🙂

  3. I’m the same way about my Kindle re: the feeling, smell, etc of real books. But it is awesome to have for long trips since I have packed up to 10 books for a trip before!

  4. I adore my Kindle. I agree, will never be the same as holding an actual book, but oh my – the convenience of carrying one small device rather than bulky books is the best selling point out there!

  5. oh man… i so did not need to hear this. i’d heard they were down to $200, but $150 for the nook?? so. tempting.

  6. Your public library probably also has books as .pdf files – don’t the e-readers accept those? And they’re free – we like free. Free is good.

  7. a group of us bought a kindle last week for a friend’s 50th at full price and yes, they had no problem refunding the $70.00

  8. I’m still on the fence about these – which one is best? I’m fine with having to plug in to a USB to download books. Is that the main difference?

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