Look Ma, no cavities

By Mir
August 11, 2010

Whenever I go to the dentist, they try to sell me a fancy Sonicare toothbrush. At a discount, you understand. (And I am to be congratulated for never once saying, “That word, I do not think it means what you think it means.”) I actually already have a sonic toothbrush, but I’ve had it for years and it’s nearing the end of its lifespan, so I’ve been looking around for a replacement.

I came across these Sonicare E-Series Replacement Brushes because they’re a hot item on Amazon today; at $16 shipped (via Subscribe & Save) for the pair, that’s about as cheap as you’re going to find Sonicare heads. But how much would the actual unit cost? It turns out that the Sonicare Essence is the $50 no-frills Sonicare model, delivering all of the stuff my dentist is always going on and on about, but in a slightly less futuristic-looking package (and for a lot less money).

Hmmmm. I’m thinking that qualifies as a “discount” a lot more readily than what they keep offering me at the dentist’s office. Just sayin’.


  1. Depending on how much sales tax is in your state, they are a little cheaper at Costco. I think it is $37 for a five pack.

  2. Ah, yes, the mythical Costco. Not all of us have Costco, though. 😉

  3. Okay, went and looked. Have to say the “New and Used” part kinda skeeved me out… 😉 I do understand that it’s just part of the Amazon way. 🙂

  4. I wonder if the dentist gets a kickback? Could be.

  5. Well, Mir, it is certainly true that not everyone has one. I have to drive six hours to get to one! 🙂 I only get there once or twice a year, so it’s not exactly worth the membership fee, but my husband and I like it so much that we decided to keep it anyway. But when we go we buy toothbrushes!

  6. And you can do the online Costco (costco.com) where they have replacement Sonicare brushes (5 in pack) for $37.99 shipping and handling included http://bit.ly/9JKvcj

  7. Wait, wait. Online Costco? Do you need to be a member? You’re blowing my mind, here!

  8. My beloved Sonicare Advanced just died, and I replaced it with the $50 Essence. I read up on the Essence, and thought fine. I didn’t pay attention to the model numbers, though (since when I bought my last one, oh, 7 or 8 years ago, there was one model per name!), and the $50 model does NOT have the quadpacer, though some of the other Essence models appear to have it. And of course I didn’t notice until it was too late to return it.

    Just fyi.

    And thanks, I think I’ll be putting those brush heads on S&S!

  9. It looks like the Amazon deal is better right now but I frequently buy brush heads from Kohls when they are on sale and I get a 30% off code (usually 1 or 2 times a year). And, as others have said, Costco but you do have to have a membership to shop online.

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