Granola bars galore

By Mir
August 26, 2010

Does your pantry boast a few boxes of granola bars at all times? If so, I’ve got a fabulous deal for you—right now Amazon has various Nature Valley Granola bars available on a deal that comes out to about two bucks a box.

They start at $17.77 for 6 boxes, then you can use coupon code GMBOXTOP to take 15% off, combined with buying via Subscribe & Save for another 15% off and free shipping. End result: 6 boxes for $12 and change. Not only is that a discount over what my grocery store charges, Amazon has plenty of flavors my store never carries (can I get a woop-woop for cinnamon, friends?), so my kids are going to be completely stoked.

I love the smell of bulk snack deals in the morning!

[Edited to add: Interesting. Make sure to go through and check the ingredients on individual flavors; some of their bars are certified gluten free, others are not. And some of them have HFCS, though others don’t. Buyer beware.]


  1. A woop woop for cinnamon, ha ha!

  2. I couldn’t find any w/o HFCS but did get the almond crunch ones that’re gluten free. Yay Mir, tx.

  3. Pam: The almond crunch (which is what I got; I decided against the cinnamon for the kids when I saw the HFCS) is HFCS-free (has corn syrup but not HFCS), and some of their varieties now have HMCS (high maltose corn syrup) which is supposedly safer/better.

    Interesting factoid: We had Nature Valley oats-n-honey granola bars in Mexico that were HFCS-free, though the American version has HFCS. Hmph.

  4. Hmph, I don’t have the subscribe and save option, it’s just totally missing.

  5. To the makers of Nature Valley: WHY, WHY won’t you put Apple Crisp or Oats and Dark Chocolate in variety boxes? I mean, the regular variety of Peanut Butter and Cinnamon would go GREAT with one of those!!! So now I have to CHOOSE between the 2 – why do you torment me so???

    FYI – watch out for the Maltose – that stuff makes me bloat up and makes my stomach ache like crazy!

  6. Also, for anyone with a nut allergy – these are NOT nut free. They contain almond flour and I think almond butter (or at least they used to – I haven’t picked up a box since I found out I was allergic!)

  7. I’m having the same problem as Brenda. ?? Help!

  8. Okay, after two readers claiming the same problem I went back and checked—now it’s not showing S&S for me, either! I think it’s a temporary glitch, as the “Special Offer” text still clearly states you can save another 15%. You could try contacting customer service or just waiting, I guess.

  9. Will do, thanks! Hopefully they’ll get it fixed before I leave here. Headed to my Aunt’s for the weekend in the land of dial-up. Eeek!

  10. I don’t see the subscibe & save either.

  11. I wonder if they are slowly switching away from HFCS? I just picked up a big box from Sam’s club a couple weeks ago, and they do not have HFCS. For what it’s worth…

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