Guilt-free potato chips

By Mir
October 7, 2010

I’m not going to lie to you: I do love me some genuine, full-fat, fried potato chips. I’m not a robot, people. (If you must know: Preferably kettle cooked, and salt-n-vinegar if at all possible. But I’m not choosy when it comes to junk food.) The reality, of course, is that what I like and what I actually buy are two very different things, both because I’m trying to instill good eating habits in my kids and because I’d like to be around to meet their kids, too.

So. Are Popchips as good as conventional potato chips? No, of course not. Nothing tastes as good as fat. (Mmmm… fat!) But are Popchips a reasonable facsimile to hit the gimme-something-crunchy spot? Absolutely. Which is why every time Amazon puts them on sale, I buy a case. My poor deprived children think they’re awesome, because I never buy real potato chips.

And right now you can use coupon code OCTOPOPS (love that—am picturing tiny octopii on sticks) to save another 15%, and then buy via Subscribe & Save to save another 15% and get free shipping. Why, a case of 24 single-serve bags of original flavor currently comes out to just under $.40/bag.

So you get to save money, you get to buy something with non-artery-clogging ingredients you can pronounce, and when your children wise up and accuse you of “never buying potato chips,” you can remind them that technically, that’s not true.

Not that that’s ever happened to me, or anything.


  1. woohoo! thanks! these will be perfect for school lunches!

  2. this one has finally tempted me to do the Subscribe and Save. I got the case delivered for $9.40; not too shabby.

  3. Oh, the great things you recommend. I’m expecting (hoping?!) my kids really like these. So convenient for lunches/snacks — and a bit healthier than the normal chips (which, like you, Mir, I rarely buy).

  4. Excellent! Thanks, Mir!

  5. I got 2 cases of mixed flavors this summer, the kids do like them, but the original I have to say is the least favorite (those were mommy’s in the end). one kid got tired of them and refused after having them 5-6 times (not in a row) but the other still likes them. they are pretty good I have to say!

  6. I adore these. Oddly I like the original the best, followed by BBQ which hubby sadly doesn’t like.

  7. Mir, I got the variety pack the last time you recommended these. I tend to pick up whatever food item you rave about (as long as its a good deal!) & 99% of the time, my family agrees with you. Well, not so for the Popchips. I was hoping that they’d be like the Kettle brand baked chips (I discovered those thanks to you!). Unfortunately, they’re more like a cross between Pringles, rice cakes & cardboard (my daughter’s words, not mine!!). Still have over 1/2 case left!

  8. Oh nooooo! I’m sorry, Grace. We actually all love them. Not as much as I love Kettle chips, you understand, but the kids beg for them. Clearly your daughter has a more refined palate. 😉

  9. Mir – I always thought my daughter was a picky eater. As a toddler, she hated hot dogs & hamburgers. Give her a good steak & she’s happy as a clam. She recently had her first lobster & it was love at first bite. Without a doubt, her palate is def more refined than most 7 year olds!!

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