Another option to get balanced

By Mir
October 27, 2010

If you missed the Wii Fit Plus deal at Target from a few days ago—when they not only had it marked down, but were offering free shipping (and there’s a 10% off code available)—I have the next best thing for you.

Right now Amazon has the Wii Fit Plus with Balance Board marked down to $77. You can’t reap the additional 10% savings the way you could at Target, but shipping is free (which it no longer is, at Target) and most of us won’t have to pay sales tax. So that makes it a pretty comparable deal.

Many thanks to the very pretty Stacy for alerting me to the price drop!


  1. I am seriously thinking of getting this. Mir, do you have one? If so, do you use it?

  2. I have the original Wii Fit, not the Plus. I hear the Plus has a lot of additional features.

    I used mine daily for a long time. Now I use it less often, but mostly due to time constraints and general laziness. 😉 The kids enjoy the games that allow them to connect up the balance board for enhanced gameplay.

  3. Is your crystal ball predicting this is a good price or should I battle it out online on Black Friday?

  4. That’s a tough one, Sherri. Give that the MSRP is $100, I have a really hard time imagining we’re going to see it lower than $70. Maybe $60, on Black Friday, in very limited, in-store quantities? But in terms of easy-to-get-ness, I don’t anticipate it being much lower at a widely-available price.

    But i could be wrong and I don’t want you to hate me. 😉 So… ummm… maybe? Ha!

  5. I won’t hate you. You’re too pretty to hate! Thanks for the great tips.

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