New month, new grocery savings

By Mir
November 1, 2010

Welcome November! It’s cold out, but I’m going to be saving big bucks with a new crop of grocery specials at Amazon, so I’m willing to let those chilly mornings slide. (Especially now that I’m back in my nice warm house and no longer camping in the woods, sleeping in four pairs of socks. Ahem.)

Anyway! Here’s just one great way to save I just found. And my kids go through crackers like they’re candy, so I am all over this deal.

Okay, first? Go check out your current coupon book. (For some reason that link sometimes doesn’t work for folks. If it doesn’t, go to the main Amazon grocery page and scroll down to see some of your coupons and the “see more coupons” link.) You may have to refresh a few times to see it, but there’s a $4 off coupon for Handi Snacks. Once you see it, click to add it to your cart.

Next, go to the 6-pack of Multigrain Wheat Thins. It’s $20.94, which isn’t so great, I know. But! You’ll get $4 off with your coupon; another 25% off with coupon code NOVWHEAT; and another 15% off and free shipping when you buy via Subscribe & Save. End result? 6 boxes of healthy crackers to your door for—drumroll, please—$8.56. And you didn’t even have to get dressed!

And I don’t know about your house, but in my house? Those 6 boxes are going to last approximately three weeks.


  1. Took me several refreshes to find the coupon, but that’s an amazing deal!

  2. Damn. Sold out.

  3. Already??? Sheesh! (There’s other Handi Snacks deals to be had, of course, but those crackers are the best.)

  4. I’ve refreshed 15 times and not gotten that coupon, so maybe they pulled that too?

  5. Same here – I clicked the Handy Snacks coupon, but the Wheat Thins are out of stock.

    ‘Sokay, Mir. I still think you’re pretty. 🙂

  6. The reduced fat version is still available and while I could not find the coupon, my final cost was $9.39 for six boxes. LOVE!

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