Get your Harry Potter on

By Mir
November 23, 2010

I was just lamenting at the dinner table last night that Target had had a deal on the Harry Potter movies and I’d opted not to buy it, right before realizing that we’ve missed several movies and we’re not ready to go see the latest one.

Then I checked the price at Amazon and… assured my kids we could probably just Netflix the missing movies. Because I’m cheap. (And probably mean. Don’t forget mean!)

And then this morning… voila! The Harry Potter Years 1-6 Giftset is the current Amazon Gold Box deal; it’s just $24 on DVD or $40 on Blu-ray. So I can get all 6 movies for about what it costs for our family to see a single film at the theatre. Total score.

Shhhhh, don’t tell them.


  1. Woohoo, all ordered up!

  2. Hmmm. There were a bunch of 1 star ratings on these…poor quality DVD’s and deleted scenes. Do you think they are selling lesser quality because it’s so cheap?

  3. Thanks Mir!

  4. Blairzoo: I bit, because I think most of the grumbling is about the lack of bonus features. Seems unlikely to me that there are truly deleted scenes, but I guess I’ll find out.

  5. Hey, we just got all 6 movies at costco and they are even cheaper than amazon. It was $32 for movies 1-6 but it also included two passes to see the new movie worth $7.50 each. The passes are only good until the 5th of Dec but are good for no pass movies (I guess it is more like a theatre gift card than movie pass). We’ve watched the first 2 so far and they look great (and include some bonus features, not sure if it is all of them)

  6. We have this set on DVD. We have no complaints. And I paid way more than $24 for the set.

  7. I almost ordered these at $10 each yesterday, but I held back. So glad I did! $40 for all 6 on blu-ray is awesome!

  8. Ugh! This is killing me. We own all 6 movies already on DVD. Want the Blu-ray but don’t NEED the Blu-ray….guess I’ll pass this time. Wait for a set of movies I don’t already own. lol

  9. Thanks for this one!

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