Get NOOKed

By Mir
November 24, 2010

So, you think you’d like to buy a NOOK, but you’re not quite ready to fork over all that cash to Barnes & Noble. I understand. How about some certified refurbished options?

Overstock currently has the NOOK Wi-Fi for $100 and the NOOK 3G + WiFi for $120 today.

If buying the first one—with a merchandise total of less than $100—use coupon code 152096 for another 10% off, to get it for $90. If buying the second—with a total of over $100—use coupon code 149418, instead, to take $15 off of $100+. You’ll get it for $105. Either one can be shipped for just a dollar.

Of course, if you must have a brand new one, feel free to go spend more. But if you’d rather save the money, this is a great way to do it.


  1. These make me laugh, not because they aren’t fine products, but the name. Officially the “Nook eBook Reader.” Nookie Book sound funny and more than just a little naughty.

  2. DUDE. I bought this YESTERDAY, from, for $119 + tax, without the discount. Curses!

  3. Thanks for the tip Mir. I bought one for my husband. We bought mine new and it has the 3g on it. But I think this one with the wifi will be great for my husband. He loves gadgets and I don’t think he will mind it is refurbished. I download library books all the time on mine. I don’t see a big advantage to the 3g network.

  4. I love, love, love my nook. 🙂 (It’s name is sNOOKums.) We got ours for only a few cents, due to credit card rewards and other rewards programs, so I’m not complaining at my price, but I’m debating getting one for my husband to have his own. (We currently share the one we have.)

  5. My DH has his heart set on the newest Kindle with 3G – any chances of getting it on the cheap?

  6. Katherine (and all): Amazon has already announced that they’ll be running a Black Friday special on the older generation Kindle, but I’m not holding my breath for a 3G deal. Would love it I was proved wrong, though.

  7. I might become bitter if the Kindle goes on sale, just sayin’

  8. Awesome, awesome! You saved me a risky trip to Best Buy at 5 a.m. on Friday (not knowing if I would get it). And $10 besides! Thanks so much, Mir.

  9. P.S. LOVE my Nook (although it is currently “in the shop” right now), have almost 200 free books, and am purchasing another as a gift. I’d love a Nook Color, but can probably wait on that for a while.

  10. I just got “nooked”. Merry Christmas to me!!!

  11. Awesome! I also was headed to Best Buy in the morning and when I just purchased this, Overstock had the 3G version listed at $99, so I just got it for $89. I knew there was a reason I loved you Mir! 🙂

  12. Sometimes I am sad that I have to do my own christmas shopping, but not today! Thanks a bunch!!!!

  13. Seems it was a glitch that it worked yesterday – I just checked with Overstock and these don’t work on electronics. Guess they caught their mistake. But it’s still a great price – the 3G & WiFi one is $99 today!

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