$89 Kindles? It’s true!

By Mir
November 26, 2010

Want to score a Kindle for just $89? Get the Amazon Black Friday Lightning Deals page queued up and ready—in just a couple of minutes they’ll have a limited number of Kindles available for just $89.

You’ll need to scroll past some of the earlier deals; right now the Kindle is showing up on the 29th page, for me. Get ready to click!


  1. Dang Amazon.
    Why do I bother shopping anywhere else?!

  2. Anybody manage to snag one? They went instantly, seemed like.

  3. Good luck getting one at this price- we tried on 2 computers, clicked on is as it appeared, and didn’t get one or even the waitlist

  4. Nope. Not I!

  5. Not here…. *SIGH*

  6. I clicked the second it went up and didn’t get it. I didn’t even get on the wait list! I understand having a limited number of them at that price but come on!

  7. i clicked as soon as it came up and nothing…

  8. I clicked but the site churned and I never saw it. 🙁

  9. I wonder how many there were. I know it has to be a limited quantity at that price, but… c’mon, Amazon. Hmph.

  10. I don’t feel so bad about being out grocery shopping, now. Ah, well.

  11. It was the 2nd generation one. What’s the difference between 2nd generation and the newest one? Anybody know?

  12. 2nd generation had a lower contrast e-ink (although still very readable) and was 3G only, not 3G and wifi.

  13. I got one and was shocked, which was nice because I was not going to get up at 2 am to get in line at Best Buy for a Nook. That and it was only 9 degrees at the time.

  14. Michelle, our Best Buy in Colorado had people in tents at 10:30 am yesterday morning… something tells me even getting up at 2am wouldn’t have scored us a Nook. Which is why we are smart and slept in our warm beds instead!
    There’s always Cyber Monday!

  15. I agree with the earlier person – would have loved to snag this, but given how fast they went, I don’t feel bad about missing it. At least I have bananas and milk in the house now 🙂

  16. I was thinking of going with the hope that those people were after the computer and the apple stuff, until I went by on my way home last night and there was 10 tents plus people just waiting in chairs.

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