Good morning, Amazon

By Mir
December 3, 2010

Oh, Amazon. How do I love thee? Let me count the ways!

I love (and at the same time, hate) your continued Cyber Week Lightning Deals, for lo, they offer many shiny things at low prices, but I find it very hard to get up and leave my desk (except when spending hours in waiting rooms, of course) (during which time—no lie—I kept track via iPhone) (it’s an illness). Sure, occasionally you offer a deal on a single glass (ummm…), but in general, you feed my need for price cuts.

But then too, of course, there’s the 17 Days of Video Game Deals, even though today isn’t games, it’s accessories. Those are good, too, I guess. (Though still no price cuts on the Wii remotes, darn it.) (But the FlingSmash bundle is still just $32 and comes with a remote plus, so it’s like getting the remote on sale with a free game.) My Wii thanks you, Amazon.

While the Friday Sale has disappointed, lately, today at least you have a killer deal on Pamela’s Baking Mix (just $29 for 12 pounds when you buy via Subscribe & Save), so we who are gluten-free salute you.

And finally, oh how I wish my children were still little, because Amazon, darling Amazon, you have filled your Gold Box with half-price Melissa and Doug wooden toys, today, and I don’t think my nearly-teen would appreciate a wooden sushi-making set. (Though, given her vegetarianism and her recent rotten behavior, I am tempted.) Still, for those with ankle-biters in the house, what’s better than this adorable play food and other assorted wooden wonders? Well, yes, wrapping paper, sure, but besides that? That’s right; nothing.


  1. Thank you thank you! Been on the fence about a M&D toy (cutting food box) and just got it for $5 off their usual price.

  2. Bought several of the M&D sets for Toys for Tots – they are so perfect for both gender toddlers!

  3. OMG. M&D? I think if I get any more toys for my kids, my husband will flip. But these are soooo cute! Decisions, decisions.

    But I agree with the PP, perfect for Toys for Tots!

  4. Wrapping paper, yes. But don’t forget the BOX! That’s the ultimate 🙂

  5. Oh thank you! I’m sad to say that my sister now is addicted to your site too. So now I have to send her emails to let her know what I’ve snapped up for our nephew. It’s going to be a really good (and inexpensive!) Christmas in our family!

  6. Ooh man. That 50% off wooden food is very tempting. I love wooden food. I mean my kids. They love wooden food.

  7. I am considering buying more M&D for baby in utero. I am a twisted woman.

  8. Thanks for the tip on the Melissa and Doug toys! My sweet nephew and niece thank you too!

  9. Is it just me or is Amazon super slow? This happened yesterday afternoon as well. Maybe it means I need to stop shopping…

  10. My son wanted a kitchen for Christmas, and now I have new M&D food for him to play with…I am officially in love with WantNot. Also, officially going to look like the best gift giver alive!

  11. Does Amazon do price adjustments? Because I totally bought that food groups set 2 days ago, the UPS man just dropped them off an hour ago.

    I got my son a kitchen for Christmas and have been STALKING Amazon for a Melissa and Doug play food deal. Thanks for sharing!

  12. Just fyi for your readers w/ toddlers to buy for– that birthday cake from M&D is like crack for any 2-year-old. Fabulous gift.

  13. My 2 1/2 year old feels the same way about the pizza party set, Kim. He played with nothing else for a week straight after it came home on a whim to reward him for patience while mommy shopped at Marshalls.

  14. Kristin (and everyone): Amazon no longer does price adjustments, unfortunately. You could always rebuy and return, if it’s a big price difference and something that doesn’t cost too much to ship, but in the case of the (heavy) wooden food I’m guessing it might not be worth it.

  15. Kamma, I’d be wary of buying an off-brand controller, at this point. I just haven’t heard very good things about them, yet. (I suspect they’ll get better. But I for one am going to wait. And the FlingSmash bundle is still cheaper, too.) 😉

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