The scent of a teenager

By Mir
December 20, 2010

When I was in middle and high school—you know, back in the Pleistocene Era—the boys wore Drakkar Noir. Remember that? I do; I have a visceral reaction to that scent, even now. (It’s something between I-can’t-wait-to-get-out-of-this-dump and oh-my-gosh-is-he-looking-at-me.) Nowadays, though, the young men are all about Axe.

I know this because I know some fine young men. Men who are otherwise responsible and rational, but who view a spray-can of Axe as a challenge. And that challenge is: Can I spray every square inch of my body?

So if you have young men, likely you are running out of Axe at this very moment. No worries! You probably won’t have it in time for Christmas, but today’s Target Daily Deals include various Axe sets on sale, and you know he’s going to need more in a couple of weeks, anyway.

Choose from shower gel sets (which include a “shower detailer tool;” I… don’t want to know) or deodorant gift sets; each is 33% off, so just a cool $6 with free shipping.

I wish you and your nasal passages good luck.

P.S. That KitchenAid hand mixer is pretty sexy, too, and a great price… but I doubt your teen would agree.


  1. Oh geeze. We dont need any more Axe in this house, but I ordered it anyway.

    Thanks Mir!

  2. Ah, yes, the cloud that surrounds him every time he leaves the bathroom. It sends me into coughing fits. Sure, he’d be very happy with this – but do I really want to torture myself with it? I am thinking it would be something akin to that toy drum when he was little.

  3. Oh. My. Lord.

    Because I teach middle school and high school, I am UTTERLY familiar with Axe. And I have a 19 year old and a 10 year old boy.

    The 19 year old, we got him hooked on pricier, more agreeable smelling cologne immediately. The 10 year old refuses to give up his Axe deodorant. And baby, he does need something. I’m trying to wean him toward Tom’s of Maine.

    At school, every year the sixth grade boys seem to think it’s a good idea to have an “Axe spray fight” in the hallway after gym. Last year I went postal on the whole crew and threatened to ask the headmaster to ban spray cans and Axe. He was agreeable (he hates the stuff, too, and he’s also the basketball coach) and he sat them down and told then he’d ban Axe totally if any teacher complained about it, ever again.

    The threat of being without their favored scent was enough. Calm has reigned ever since. So far, anyway.

    The high school boys at our school are all Old Spice men. Apparently.

  4. I am taken back to 7th grade memories of my super handsome boyfriend every time I smell Drakkar. He was so dreamy. I quite honestly have been tempted many times to buy a bottle of it for my husband. 🙂 I still love it. 🙂

  5. haha — you crack me up. thanks for the monday morning giggle. 🙂

  6. OMG! Drakkar! I swear it still gives me nightmares, and yet, there is a soft spot in my heart for it too. Thank goodness, I just have a little one right now (5 y/o girl) so I don’t have to worry about the eau de adolescent boy for a few more years yet!

  7. I’m sure I’m going to sound like a prude, and I do not have preteen boys and so can’t say for sure what I’d do given this situation, but the “you won’t get action if you don’t scrub your balls” commercials that Axe does gross me out so much that I’m aghast that this is what young men are into today– and I would have a hard time letting my son use it.


  8. Oh, Kim—I think their commercials are terribly offensive, with one worse than the next. I’m sure that’s part of the appeal for some boys, but many I know who use it have never seen them, so I don’t know. Maybe it’s some sort of hive mind thing. “Yooouuuu… muuuuust… uuuuuuse… Aaaaaaaxe!”

  9. LOL on Drakkar…*gag*

    But absolutely snorted at Kim’s comment, and now cannot envision having my precious 10-yr-old BAY-BEE! smell of Axe.

  10. I have a 10 y.o that has been puking for 2 hours straight now, so the best Christmas gift EVER was the giggle re: Drakkar Noir. I’m really hoping that my son doesn’t go for Axe. It’s so offensive on so many levels!! Thanks for the laugh!

  11. wow, I guess I’m older than I thought. Drakkar came AFTER Polo. I still flashback to college when I smell Polo 🙂

    And my ex wore Drakkar, so I guess I don’t miss any of it [snicker]

  12. Aaah, I had somehow forgotten about the lure of Drakkar until you said that! I even remember losing my train of thought before when a man walked by trailing the scent…RRRRROWR! Love that! 😉

  13. For me, in junior high and high school, all the boys wore either Polo Sport or Cool Water. I even bought a bottle of Polo Sport for my husband, lol!

  14. p.s.-My husband read this, and apparently he had a bottle of Drakkar laying around, and put some on just now. Want to come sniff him? LOL!!!

  15. Mir…no extra % off codes? Seems like many of your Target adds have a…use this code for an additional xyz% off….Just checking : )

  16. They sometimes get a little stingy with the codes this close to Christmas, Patricia. 😉 I don’t believe there’s a current one.

  17. I guess Target and I have another thing in common as I also get stingy around the Holidays…I want to save every last penny! Thanks for checking.

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