Eat like an Italian

By Mir
March 15, 2011

(Wait. Ignore the title. I think this stuff is actually Spanish. Um. Eat like someone who likes olive oil, okay? Okay!)

I know I post this one every time it comes around, but I just love it that much: Right now Amazon has their 2-pack of Zoe Organic Olive Oil available for just $17.06; combine that with coupon code ZOEOLIV5 and Subscribe & Save, and you get 20% off and free shipping—$13.65 delivered for 51 ounces of really good organic oil.

So yes, I’ve posted this before. But you used up what you bought last time already, right?


  1. Thank you. I love this olive oil and I was just thinking it’s probably time for more.

  2. I have a question for you. So, for the things that you buy on a regular basis, do you go look at them on a daily basis to check the price, or do you have some sort of automatic price checker?

  3. Some things I just check regularly on my own, Rosie, but oftentimes on Amazon I just look at the “top sellers” list in a category to see what’s up—often the top sellers are things that were recently marked down. 🙂

    I believe there are services you can use which will alert you to price drops, yes. To me that ruins the sport of it so I’ve never used such a service.

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