Be ready for pancakes

By Mir
April 6, 2011

My very favorite syrup in the whole world is on sale at Amazon for a great price; right now you can buy a 32-ounce jug of organic Grade B maple syrup for just $14.48 shipped when you buy via Subscribe & Save.

Grade B syrup is often described as “better for baking” than direct consumption, because it’s darker and has a deeper, stronger taste. We prefer it for regular syrup to Grade A, actually, because… um, I guess because it has a stronger taste. I just like it better. (Why would I want maple syrup that tastes less like maple syrup?)

Anyway, this is a great price. And last weekend we were out of syrup and there were no pancakes and it was tragic. Learn from my mistake!


  1. We were just in the same boat – made pancakes, found no syrup!

    Just combined subscribe & save with a $10 gift certificate I got for survey participation. A big old jug of organic maple syrup for $4.48. Beat THAT!!!!

  2. Thanks! I’ve been looking for one that isn’t so expensive and that tastes good…hopefully this will be it.

  3. Only use real maple in our house, so appreciate a deal! and what a deal on organic!!!! Thanks, I was really in the mood for a deal today, thanks for satisfying my need to be pretty! Ü

  4. um, what makes it organic? I just went on tours to several maple camps and watched how they make syrup, and I don’t see any part of the process that would make it not. Not saying I’m right though, probably just ignorant. 🙂

  5. Corey, you can read this for an explanation; beyond certifying that nothing has been added, it also means that the harvesting process was certified as being sustainable and earth-friendly. Really interesting, actually!

  6. MMmmmm…. maple! We just had Maple Weekend here in NH so I’m all stocked up, but there’s nothing quite like real maple syrup! And if you haven’t warmed it up before pouring it on your (item of choice), you’re missing out. I’m not sure why anyone buys grade A because B is so much tastier, but you can’t get to B until A is done (sap starts running in early March or so, and they don’t typically start producing grade B til later in the season).

    And maple candy? If you have not had it, you have not lived – OMG, maple straight to the brain! Exorbitantly expensive, but a very special treat.

  7. For anybody that ever has a syrup emergency again there is a simple solution!
    Heat and dissolve in a saucepan:
    1 Cup Sugar
    1 Cup Brown Sugar
    1 Cup Water

    Instant syrup and it tastes great!

  8. Thanks, Mir. You’d think I couldn’t do a google search. 😉 It was pretty interesting, and I’m going to ask some questions when I go back for the tours next year.

  9. Mir, thank you! What a great deal! Because who doesn’t need a GIANT JUG of maple syrup?

  10. I LOVE grade B syrup – thought I was the only weirdo out there…

  11. Missed it!

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