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By Mir
May 5, 2011

There’s still time to snag a Kindle for Mom for Mother’s Day; you could even get it delivered in time, if you order today. (I have no idea how much overnight shipping costs if you don’t already have Prime, but you already have Prime, right? And then it’s just $3.99.)

In case you’ve been on the fence, for your consideration:

1) Right now both the 6″ Kindle 3G and 9.7″ Kindle DX come with a bonus $25 Amazon gift card.

2) If you’re just scoping out the lowest price possible, did you know there’s now a Kindle with Special Offers? Basically, you save $25 off the price, but occasionally receive ads. At $114, it’s the very cheapest way to snag a Kindle right now. You’ll have to decide how things balance out in the grand “want to save money, hate seeing ads” scale of things.

Me, I’m trying not to look. Right now my Sony Reader and my computer aren’t speaking to each other and I’m experiencing some irrational Kindle lust.


  1. try googling the issue. I had a problem with my sony library software not displaying correctly. I was able to fix the issue.

  2. I have Googled. I have patched. So far, no dice. I could probably call Sony and spend a lot of time on hold and maybe get it fixed.

  3. I love my two week old Kindle. Warning about the ad-supported one, though: since the wifi on that model is only on when you turn it on (leaving it on all the time drains the battery quicker, and makes it much too easy to buy books on impulse, ahem), I’m thinking that when you do turn it on to browse for a book to purchase, you may be bombarded with the ads you haven’t seen since the last time you turned it on. Not sure, but that seems to be the logical thing.

  4. I love my Kindle. LOVE. There’s no way I’d consider dealing with ads just to save a few bucks.

  5. Count me as another who loves my Kindle. I was given two for Christmas, so now my husband has one too. I would say that you should use your Sony acting up as an excuse to buy a Kindle! (Seriously! It’s that great.) I called Amazon’s Kindle support yesterday with a question and I only waited on the phone about 30 seconds! I was very impressed with that.

  6. The Kindle doesn’t even have to talk to the computer. My Kindle and my computer have never talked, not once and I have lots and lots of books.

  7. I’m another Kindle lover. It’s perfect in my opinion – I didn’t care for the bells and whistles of the nook.

    Looking forward to using it once again on a lounge chair on the cruise ship in 2 weeks 🙂

  8. If Amazon ever goes to a montly plan (like Netflix for books), I will just faint with joy. Don’t have an e-reader yet, but that would do it for me.

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