Cereal deals for Sue (who is pretty)

By Mir
August 24, 2011

So I got an email this morning from Sue, who is a regular reader and also unbelievably pretty. Sue is so pretty, she has checked in with her local food bank to verify that she can snag some Amazon cereal deals and ship directly to them, rather than having to go out comparison shopping and then drop off her finds. I think this is a fantastic idea and I am now doodling “Sue” inside pink hearts in the margins of my notebook.

My suggestion for Sue is that she start with the current Kellogg’s deal on Amazon, wherein qualifying cereals are an extra 10% off with coupon code KELBTSII and then, of course, buying via Subscribe & Save gets you another 15% off and free shipping. (New to S&S? Learn about it here.)

The best bang-for-the-buck I spot from that assortment: Frosted Bite-Size Mini-Wheats and Frosted Little Chocolate Mini-Wheats both come out to about $7.74 for 4 big boxes, or just under $2/box. I’m also seeing 4 big boxes of Raisin Bran not listed on the main page, there (but coupon-eligible), for around the same price.

There’s no product picture available, but Mom’s Best Hot Cereal, Maple and Brown Sugar is currently down to $7.14 for 6 boxes—that’s 30 servings of high-quality oatmeal. (That one is not available for Subscribe & Save, but at just over a buck a box, it’s hard to complain.)

Hopefully that gives you a few ideas, Sue. Rock on with your awesome self.


  1. wow — sue is cool. way to go. 🙂 i cannot find the subscribe and save option for the chocolate mini-wheats (my daughter’s latest cereal obsession). i found the $10 option via amazon in the “more buying” options, but am not finding how or where i can make it subscribe and save. where that S&S options normally are, i’m finding check out options (buy it now via one click or go thru your cart). it’s probably user error — can anyone help me?

  2. It’s not user error, Liv—sometimes they remove the S&S option on things that are selling well or that are backordered. Sorry! 🙁

  3. Go team Sue!

  4. no problem, mir — i just wanted to make sure i wasn’t missing the key to it. 🙂 4 boxes of cereal for $9 shipped is still a pretty great deal, so i took it! thanks again for an awesome find!

  5. What a great idea! I like to give to our food bank, but I feel anxious about dropping things off there: there’s no apparent system, and when you go in they don’t know if you’re there to shop or to drop so they approach solicitously and then I have to explain and ack. This would be so much better/easier/funner.

  6. Thanks, I love the cereal deals on Amazon! For some reason the 10% off doesn’t work on the Raisin Bran, my favorite, but it worked for the kids’ Mini Wheats.

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