It’s the most peanut butter time of the year

By Mir
September 13, 2011

It’s that time of year—my daughter’s school (not to mention most food banks) is begging for peanut butter donations.

I like to kill two birds with one stone. That is to say: If I was just buying peanut butter for us to use here at home, I’d buy the giant containers and call it a day. Bigger = cheaper, right? Usually, but not always. When the school and the food bank needs donations, though, I’d rather buy smaller containers in bulk at Amazon.

So a quick check revealed that the price was right, and I just bought 12 jars to divvy up between my pantry and the school: I got 6 jars of Skippy Natural Honey Creamy for $11.07 shipped and 6 jars of Skippy Natural Super Chunk for $10.81. True, they’re not the huge jars, but at under $2 apiece I can live with that price, especially when I’m having them delivered to my door for free.

Once again, Subscribe & Save keeps me happy, thrifty, and somewhat lazy.


  1. OK, I’ve got a question for you about Subscribe and Save. As far as you know, is there ANY way to buy an item on S&S and add other items to the order–like when you’ve got other items in your shopping cart and could use the S&S item to get you over the $25 threshold for free shipping? (I don’t have Prime.) Whenever I’ve ordered via S&S, it takes me right to a shopping cart with only that item in … but I’m wondering if there’s some option I’m missing that would allow multiple items to go through in the same order. Thanks in advance if you, or someone else, has insight into this.

  2. There is not, Heidi. Each S&S item is done separately, excluding it for use in reaching the SSS threshold. It’s a little sneaky of them.

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