I have contacts on the brain

By Mir
October 5, 2011

Sometimes I find you deals on things you want, and sometimes I just share the deals I find on things I want. Today, I’m thinking about my rotten teenager and her penchant for ripping her contact lenses. Ahem. I’m thinking about switching her to Dailies, but then I had to lie down when I saw the prices. Ahem. (This is also to blame for why I apparently have contacts on my brain instead of in my eyes.)

Anyway, a few tidbits to pass along, as I hyperventilate:

At 1-800-Contacts, you can use coupon code Dealpro22 to save an additional 6% on any order of $130+, plus you’ll always get free shipping. Or check out Coastal Contacts and use coupon code SAVING1020 for an additional $20 off your $100+ order, plus free shipping.

My conclusion is that children are still overly expensive, but maybe I can save a few bucks on contacts, at least.


  1. You think dailies for a regular prescription are bad? Just wait until she winds up with multifocal lenses… those suckers are expensive! Then again, she’ll be our age when that happens, so it’s her problem! mwaaahahhahahahahah!

  2. Ooo – Mir, I always order my lenses from 1-800, but just ordered a year’s supply (of course). Do you know how long that coupon is valid?

  3. The cost of contacts is one reason I’m not pushing my kid into them. He mentions it once in a while, but just as often says they seem like “too much trouble”. Luckily his eyesight is stable in glasses.

  4. Oh, but Beth, both she and I wear torics. I already feel the pain. (Of course, I only wear contacts occasionally, so I spring for a 3-month supply of dailies and they last me a year or more.)

    Katrina: That particular coupon is good through the end of October, but they’re usually pretty good about coupons. Let me know when you’re looking at reordering and I’ll find you one. 🙂

  5. Katherine, lucky you! In our case, her vision is really poor, so not only do contacts correct her better than glasses, her glasses are coke-bottle thick. She doesn’t wear make-up or want fancy haircuts/treatments or whatever… I’m willing to spend a little more money on her one vanity, here, I guess.

  6. Oh, I TOTALLY forgot she was in torics. I’m so sorry .

  7. I think I freaked the eye Dr. out a couple of months ago when I went in for a new pair of contacts and they found out the last few pairs I’ve had for at least 5 yrs each. In fact, the assistant was like “you mean you use monthly lenses?” No, non-disposable lenses. Such a thing used to exist. Now they won’t even let you have them because they’ll give you cooties and apparently automatically get infected and make you blind (at least that’s the way they tell it). Still, I’m currently keeping monthly lenses in use for at least 2 months since insurance only covers 6 mo worth of lenses in the yearly stipend. Even freaked them out that I wanted to do that, she absolutely didn’t want to say I could do it when I asked. I take care of them. Never one ripped, lost or dropped in over 20 years of wearing contacts. Apparently I’m a freak of nature.

  8. Oh, there are better deals than 6% off! Or even 20% off.
    I usually buy my contacts (dailies, though) from Vision Direct, and not only do they have some pretty generous coupons, but if you have a Discover card, you also get 15% cash back when buying through the Discover portal. Vision Direct has free shipping on orders over $99, and on top of that it now has a coupon for 25% off for new customers. I usually buy my contacts in bulk, so I haven’t ordered from them that many times, but I’ve never had any problems with them so far.

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