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By Mir
December 16, 2011

Love Tervis tumblers? I honestly had no idea what the big deal was with these cups until someone gave one to me. They’re… magical! Your drink stays cold, and you never get a condensation ring on your desk (where cups multiply and congregate until there’s no room for anything else because you’re just that sort of slob) (oh, wait, sorry—that’s just me). So yeah, they’re pretty awesome.

Right now at Bealls of Florida, shipping is automatically free on your $25+ order. Take 20% off your $50+ order with coupon code SHOPNOW, or get $10 off your $30+ order with coupon code SAVENOW. Those will work on anything on the site.

However, if you go look at the Tervis tumblers, you’ll see that tons of the “holiday styles” are marked waaaaaaay down. Combine some of that savings with the free shipping and coupon codes? And now you’re talking. For these kinds of deals, I can deal with having a Santa Claus on my cup.

[Edited to add: There are a couple of holiday-themed sets of 4 for around $13 each. I’m thinking teachers gifts for next year….]


  1. I’m stowing these away for teacher gift’s for next year! Thanks, Mir! You sure are pretty today!

  2. Did you know they work great for hot beverages too? My husband takes his coffee with a lid in one every day. Best part – they go in the dishwasher!

  3. Holy Cow! I have never owned a Tervis Tumbler because they are so durned expensive! Thanks!

  4. Seriously?!?!? You are getting me in soooo much trouble. But now I have Steelers cups for my Dad’s next birthday and might have slipped a few for us in there, too.

  5. Thank you, thank you! I was looking for a stocking stuffer-y gift for my husband, and this is perfect. We love these, and like someone said above–the fact that they can go in the dishwasher is the best part!

  6. Done! And made in America (my kids have seen the ABC News reports about creating jobs by buying products made in America, so I can tell them to relax now).

  7. Awesome!!! We love our Tervis Tumblers and now the kids’ teachers and afterschool staff will be getting one next Christmas. Thanks, Mir!

  8. Note the 4x 16 oz Christmas Glee set is not allowing you to order it online right now, but they have plenty in stock if you call and place a phone order. I got 3 sets for $29.60 shipped using SAVENOW – that’s less than $2.47 apiece, the best deal I’ve *ever* seen on Tervis! Thanks Mir!!

  9. Just tried to place a phone order for the Christmas Glee set and was told they’re now sold out 🙁 .
    (Still got a great deal on some of the other Tervis though….thanks, Mir!)

  10. The 24 oz is sold out, but I stocked up on some 16oz for next Xmas. Hey, I’m not BEHIND for this year (yes, I am), I’m AHEAD for next year!

  11. I got the flamingoes-wearing-Santa-hats set because HELLOOOOOO, those are good year ’round! 🙂

  12. This deal is the reason I love you. I ordered a couple of the small ones for my kids, because while normally I am incredibly generous, no one is allowed to touch mama’s tervis but me.

  13. I have 2 Tervis cups that I got from a store that will not be named for about a million $ a piece – thankfully someone had given me a gift card and I only forked out a couple thousand… They are absolutely wonderful but my family fights over the 2 we have so now we will fight over who wants a Christmas tumbler in the middle of July!

  14. Oh my! So excited to have teacher gifts done for next year. Got 12 tumblers (some 16 oz, some 24 oz) PLUS lids for $82. That’s less than $7 for the tumbler and the lid! Thanks Mir – you rock (as always)!

  15. I was so bummed when the Christmas ones were sold out last night, but I checked back this morning and they were back in stock! Hot dog!

  16. The prices are great but they aren’t super good about updating their website to reflect supplies of things.

    Last night i tried to order one of the Xmas 4packs and it wouldnt go in my card. Tried again this morning, got it, bought some other stuff and got free shipping.

    Then I got an email that they were sold out of the 4 pack I bought (but it’s still up online as available) AND i am now getting charged $6 shipping on stuff i couldve gotten from amazon supersaver. Oh well. Live and learn.

  17. And when i say “in my card” (above) I mean in my CART. As in shopping cart. Yeesh.

  18. Hey Anon, you didn’t leave a valid email so I can’t send this directly to you, but: I would definitely call customer service and get the shipping cost removed. You met the free shipping threshold and it’s not your fault their inventory is off and then you were charged, right? Worth a try for sure. Just try mentioning “bait and switch” if they give you a hard time.

  19. Thanks for the tip. I will try it right now. Can’t hurt to ask, right?

  20. Thank you for this! I love Tervis tumblers, and I got some, and a few other things, that were originally a total of $80, for $26. Love the deals! No shipping, $10 off … I feel like I just got paid to shop.

  21. Yeah, I got the same email saying they couldn’t fulfill my order b/c they didn’t have the tumblers. I tried calling, emailing, and chatting to tell them not to send the lids if I couldn’t get the tumblers, but just got notification that they sent the lids anyway. Grrrr…I did notice that they didn’t charge for shipping on them though, so I guess that’s not awful. Still, I wish they wouldn’t have charged me for lids and sent them if they didn’t have the cups!

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