The cure for need-some-Indian-food blues

By Mir
March 22, 2012

Frequent grocery shoppers at Amazon have already noticed that things have been changing, lately. There aren’t as many grocery specials, for one, and oftentimes the Subscribe & Save discount is now reduced to an additional 5% instead of 15%. (Dear Amazon: Boooooooo. That is all. Love, Mir.) This is sad, and means my overflow pantry—the one usually full of boxes from Amazon—isn’t quite so overflowing, these days.

But don’t give up hope! There are still periodic deals to be found. And those of us who love Kitchens of India can have a party in the Gold Box today, because they’ve got great prices on all sorts of options. The problem, of course, is that several items are already sold out, but many items can be ordered even if unavailable, you just can’t score the extra Subscribe & Save savings (which is frankly annoying because part of the deal is supposed to be that additional 15%).

Anyway, definitely worth a look if you love their food, which we do.


  1. Maybe they reduced the S&S from 15% to 5% for non-prime customers? I just got 15%, but I have Prime.

  2. They’ve reduced it to 5% on most items, but as part of today’s Gold Box promo they’ve put it back up to 15% for those particular items. (I have Prime, too, so I don’t think that’s it.) Or did you mean you got 15% on something else?

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