A recommendation for an Air deal, from my Air

By Mir
November 21, 2012

I’m typing on my MacBook Air right now, and I’m not going to lie, when they first came out I was all, “Ugh, Apple just always has to make stuff that looks cool but costs so much more.” I resisted for a long time. But now I own a laptop that fits in an envelope and tucks into my purse and I hug it and love it and call it My Precious.

Ahem. That may be more information than you wanted, granted. But the point is that I love my Air as a full-function laptop that is just as portable as a tablet. If you’ve been thinking about getting one for yourself, go to MacConnection‘s TecHoliday Gift Center, because they have brand new 2011 MacBook Airs (not the latest generation, but the previous one, I think) for $699.

These will sell out quickly, but it’s an awesome price if you don’t mind not getting the latest/greatest and appreciate saving $300.


  1. I hug it as my precious as well, even more because I get compliments on it ALL THE TIME. And I paid waaaaay more than $699. Dang!

  2. Yeah, I’m only a little bitter. Heh.

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