Got glasses?

By Mir
January 8, 2013

Just a little reminder of a deal you may want if you have some money left over in your medical spending account (I know for us, we get a little grace period into the next year to finish spending)—right now you can get your first pair of glasses from Coastal Contacts for free with coupon code FIRSTPAIRFREE. You’ll still need to pay for shipping (and any upgrades from standard lenses), but it’s still a great deal. I’ve ordered from them and been very happy with the results; just make sure that your local eye care professional measures your pupillary distance (PD) for you before you order.

If you’ve already ordered from them before, you can use code NEWYEAR30 for 30% off frames and lenses, or code NEWYEAR10 for 10% off your contacts. All orders of $99+ ship for free with coupon code FREESHIP.

This is particularly good if you have children who need spare glasses because they ruin everything. Uh, hypothetically, of course.


  1. Perfect! I’ve been dying for some cat-eye glasses. Because I’m a librarian. Seriously.

  2. If you didn’t have them measure your PD (& esp if they want to charge you an office visit to have them do it later…) just go to your local Walmart/Target. The optical department has handy little things to measure it in a matter of seconds! And they’ll do it for free! 🙂 We order my daughter’s glasses through & need the PD & I always forget to have her doc measure it!

  3. I have never heard of a DIY PD measurer thing! Thanks for the tip, Ellie!

  4. Laughing at Jodi’s comment because I’m a librarian and wearing my brand new Zenni cat eyes 🙂 Hmm… better check out Coastal’s selection, too!

  5. Librarians and geeky glasses are the best. 😀

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