Your daylight savings antidote

By Mir
March 11, 2013

Good morning! Did you have a little trouble rolling out of bed this morning? I know I did. You wouldn’t think one lousy hour would make a difference, and yet….

Here’s an idea if you’re having trouble getting up in the morning: The Philips Hf3470 Wake-Up Light gradually brightens, sort of like the sun, to give you a gentler wake-up and hopefully trick your brain into feeling like you absolutely should be awake. And currently it’s marked at $75 with an available $10 coupon (making it just $65), when the next lowest price I’m seeing is $100.

Whether you need one of these or not, though, I have to say that the video on the page is definitely worth a watch. Because the folks at Philips were so sure their lamp simulated the sun, they installed one in a chicken coop to see if they could fool a rooster. Maybe it’s just me, but that absolutely brightened my morning!


  1. Will it help the zombie teenagers in my house? They were very difficult this morning.

  2. I’m not sure; for zombie teens, you may have to go straight to procuring your own rooster. 😉

  3. I don’t know… the rooster next door to us crows ALL. THE. DAMN. TIME.

  4. Yeah, the one next door to us starts up a couple hours before it’s even starting to get light out. The neighbors don’t have the heart to get rid of him, but are secretly hoping for a predator-visit.

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