Cozy up your Nest

By Mir
March 25, 2013

My husband—he who records This Old House and loves home reno projects like they’re puzzles instead of giant pains in the rear—is currently obsessed with the Nest thermostat. Because it learns! And you can control it wirelessly from your iPad! And it does the dishes! (I made that last one up. But the way he talks about it, I wouldn’t be surprised if it really does….) The only thing stopping us from getting one is the $250 price tag, because even considering how it’s supposed to save you money, that’s a lot of money for a thermostat.

Anyway, Amazon has the 1st generation Nest in the Gold Box today: it’s just $179, which means just a small cardiac event instead of a full-on heart attack. If you’re interested, here’s a quick crib sheet on the differences between the 1st gen and 2nd gen models.

I still think it should do the dishes, though.


  1. I want one SO bad, but $179 is still an awful lot of money, especially since we would really need two of them at our house.

  2. I bought my boyfriend one for Christmas because he was similarly obsessed. It was pretty easy to install and he loves it. That’s all the information I have to offer, because as long as I’m warm, I do not care.

  3. Oh, we LOVE our Nest. My favorite thing is how we can turn the heat on while we’re on the way back from a trip. Nice and cozy when we get home. Or if you forget to turn off the heat or a/c when you go away you can do it remotely.

    Plus it’s pretty. Our thermostat is in an extremely conspicuous spot in the dining room and this is so much nicer.

  4. Does Otto have any in-wall speaker obsessions? Or sound system obsessions?

    • I… am afraid to find out why you are asking this….

      • Wait, we can reply to comments? When did this start? Have I been completely oblivious for a long time? (Is it coincidental that this comic ran earlier today, and now I’m wondering if I’ve been doing the same thing…but not with trees?)

        • I just activated threaded commenting. Stick around, in another few years I’m sure I’ll discover something else high-tech, like that giant metal tubes can now fly through the sky!

        • Heh, I do that with entire buildings, on routes I drive regularly, like “Where did that house come from?”

  5. We, too, love our Nests, and my husband is similarly obsessed. They are awesome and, yes, sooooo pretty.

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