Get the Toastest with the Mostest

By Mir
August 15, 2013

Confession: I love my toaster oven. I do! Mine also does convection and it’s handy to have a second (albeit smaller) oven, sometimes. Here’s what I learned while shopping for it, though: it’s really hard to find a toaster over with lots of good reviews. People have strong opinions about toaster ovens. Also? Good ones are expensive.

If you need a toaster oven, today is your lucky day. Today only, Panasonic is offering their FlashXpress toaster oven for just $69.95 with free shipping. Not only does this model have a 4.5 star rating with nearly 300 reviews at Amazon, it’s normally around $90-$100. In other words, this is a really good price on a very highly-rated oven.

Thus concludes the most words I’ve ever felt compelled to string together about an appliance which is mainly designed to make bread crispy. You’re welcome.


  1. What is it about toaster ovens? I love mine and will never own a conventional toaster again! I used to have the previous of this Panasonic and it was better than the one we bought to replace it. I wish I could justify buying it!

  2. I love toaster ovens. My husband loathes them. We currently have a craptacular traditional toaster. I should buy this.

  3. OK Mir, call me “clueless”, but I cannot see how to actually buy this item. There is a shopping cart in the upper right, but I cannot see how to add this toaster oven to the cart. All I see is a store locator button, and this item is not available anywhere near me. HELP!

    • I think they’re sold out, Janie.

  4. 🙁

  5. well, it’s available again, but way no longer on sale. boo.

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